Joseph Ellis has shown how to create a workplace

Marketing is not an industry that is easy to be successful in, and any company needs a team that has a great environment to work in. That is what Joseph Ashford Ellis is working on with his K4 Global, that is based out of Bournemouth. The workplace that Ellis has created is talked about by many news agencies, which comes from the fact that his employees know the defined values he wants for the company. He has worked hard to create a situation where his people are motivated to do the best for themselves and for the clients they serve.

Joseph Ashford Ellis believes that the start of a great culture is with the people he hires or promotes to leadership positions within K4 Global. He has wanted to create a situation that has a feeling of family that he was not always able to enjoy growing up because of severe tragedies from death. He gained his experiences in marketing by working in several different industries in the marketing portion. He decided he needed to start helping smaller businesses to help give them a chance of being competitive. He is also working hard to show his thankfulness in his interactions.

Bournemouth is the home of Joseph Ashford Ellis and now the company that he founded. This has been a help for him to be able to create an environment that has people wanting to give their best. This is where people know that respect and honesty will be in every part of the company. He keeps this mindset on every level of business that he deals with, as he knows people need to consider the global implications of what they do. This is an important concept that needs to be remembered even when the business is primarily a local one.

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 Eduardo Sonodo’s Professional Marketing Insights During The COVID-19 Pandemic.

The significant changes experienced and witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic have highly affected most entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide. Most entrepreneurs became overwhelmed with their losses and decided to close down their businesses. However, with the new marketing trends, most businesses have begun experiencing consistent growth and success.

Eduardo Sonodo, a marketing expert and consultant, has recently given his views and thoughts about how entrepreneurs can utilize the new marketing trends to their advantage. According to Mr. Sonoda, for a business to be successful, it requires several excellent marketing strategies while still incorporating new technology.

However, for entrepreneurs to achieve this, they ought to consider some factors affecting marketing trends and marketing, including external and internal factors. According to Eduardo Sonodo, CEO and founder of Eduardo Sonodo Advisory, the internal factors affecting new business marketing trends include finance, production, and business functions.

On the other hand, external factors include the country’s economic status, competition from other businesses, socio-cultural factors, and the demographic status of the company, including age, race, gender, marital status, and income. Having worked with multiple UK marketing agencies, Eduardo Sonodo has obtained tremendous knowledge and experience in business marketing. Mr. Sonodo has exponentially grown his marketing consultant company, Eduardo Sonodo Advisory, to accommodate more than 700 employees.

Mr Sonodo has recently provided insights into how companies and entrepreneurs can apply some of the recent marketing trends as seen in 2021. According to Mr. Sonodo, one of the marketing trends includes businesses redefining and highlighting their purpose to navigate challenging times. In addition, businesses should try to seek agility which is a beneficial strategy for survival, especially during a global pandemic.

Mr Sonodo also encourages businesses to maintain and create human connections to remain successful during the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses can build a strong trust foundation with their clients by making human connections. Get in touch with Eduardo Sonoda:

Alex Pissios as Chicago Brother

Caring for the youth and teen mental and healthcare are responsibilities that Alex Pissios doesn’t take lightly. He has committed huge fortunes through the company Cinespace film studios, based in Chicago, assisting the underserved members of society. Alex Pissios is the current president of the Board of Directors and serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer, CEO.

Alex Pissios feels that there is a widening gap in access to quality healthcare, especially for teens and youth in areas around Chicago. The Cinespace Film Studios, one of the largest film producing companies outside of Hollywood, gets committed to addressing these rising issues by ensuring that these underserved communities access quality primary healthcare without many challenges. He ensures that they do not have to travel to access the services of a doctor by bringing these services closer to them.

Alex Pissios has partnered with other organizations, such as the University of Chicago, through the Comer Children’s Hospital in offering quality medical services to these communities. The partnership between Alex Pissios and the University of Chicago Comer Children hospital has been in existence for almost two decades since they signed a partnership agreement in 2003. The hospital has acquired a state-of-the-art bus through their pediatric unit that they have modified to fit the doctors on the wheel porpoise. The 38-foot long bus is equipped with modern and necessary tools to allow the doctor to offer specialized diagnosis and treatment at a go. The bus also comes with two perfectly designed exam rooms that enable the professional on the wheel to provide medical examinations to their patient.

Ryan Kavanaugh: Exclusive Interview with Filmdaily

According to Forbes, Ryan Kavanaugh, CEO of Relativity Media, has an estimated net worth of $1.3 billion. As one of the most successful businessmen in Hollywood, he now owns stakes in more than three dozen major companies and is responsible for producing over 100 movies that have grossed over $6 billion worldwide. He was born on November 10th, 1965, in New York City to well-known Broadway actors during the 1950s and 1960s; his father played Tony Montana alongside Al Pacino’s Scarface character while his mother ran a theater company with her husband.

Ryan Kavanaugh talks about how he took risks at every stage of his life – from quitting college after two years to pursuing entrepreneurship to being a first-time producer of a major motion picture – and how he still takes risks daily. He shares his thoughts on the film industry, new media platforms such as Netflix, and what it’s like to be a CEO working with big budgets in an ever-changing technology landscape where everything is available at your fingertips 24/365.

Ryan Kavanaugh is one of the most exciting and successful businessmen in Hollywood. He’s a self-made man who has taken risks at every stage of his life, and he continues to do so as CEO of Relativity Media. In this exclusive interview with FilmDaily, Kavanaugh discusses his thoughts on the film industry, new media platforms such as Netflix, and what it’s like to be a CEO working with big budgets in an ever-changing landscape of technology. If you’re interested in the film industry or just want to learn more about one of its most successful players, then this is an interview you don’t want to miss.

Kavanaugh also owns stakes in more than three dozen major companies and is responsible for producing over 100 movies that have grossed over $13 billion worldwide.

Kavanaugh talks about how he took risks at every stage of his life – from quitting college after two years to pursue entrepreneurship to being a first-time producer of a major motion picture – and how he still takes risks daily.

 Kristin Ihle Helledy: An Empowering Woman Building a Business That Will Change the World

Kristin Ihle Helledy is an inspiring woman who has had the opportunity to change her life through hard work and dedication. She graduated from Stanford University in 2013 with a degree in engineering, but she knew that there was more to life than what you learned at school. After graduation, Kristin went on to found Avant, which is a company that provides loans for small businesses while encouraging entrepreneurship.

Avant began by providing loans to start-up businesses, but now they are working with established companies who want to grow. To make this happen, Kristin Ihle Helledy has turned the company into a technology firm that uses big data analytics and machine learning in order to identify potential problems before they happen. The most important aspect of this is transparency, which is something that Kristin believes can help change the way people think about small businesses.

When asked why she got into technology, Kristin stated that it was all about making her dream happen. She wanted to create a business that would allow anyone to succeed, which is what led her to develop Avant. While getting experience in coding and design at Stanford, Kristin discovered that the skillset she had gained was perfect for entrepreneurship.

While attending Stanford, Kristin worked on various startups and also interned at Bain & Company. Unfortunately, she found it difficult to get a job in technology because most companies were looking for experts with years of experience. In 2014, she decided to turn her passion into a business and began working on Avant.

In order to make it work, Kristin Ihle Helledy used her student loans to put the company together. Despite the initial financial burden, she knew that this was a risk that would allow her to follow her dream. In fact, she is so confident in Avant’s success that she has invested $1 million of her own money into the business. Read more HERE:

Oskar Jakobsson Joins Ombori Team And Launches Marketplace Apps

Oskar Jakobsson, who joined Ombori Grid on May 1, 2021, was previously the head of innovation and testing at apparel store H&M. Throughout his tenure, he kept a close eye on new technology and macro-industry trends. Jakobsson convened multiple customer focus groups to assess the efficacy of H&M’s proposed strategies and programs. Oskar Jakobsson was also curious about how customers reacted to a variety of stimuli in a regular store. He gained vital insights into the construction of creative solutions for Ombori Grid by managing many “what if” scenarios in H&M’s simulated retail setting.

To begin, Oskar Jakobsson expresses his opinion that brick-and-mortar retailers have received little attention in comparison to the rapidly expanding internet retail sector. He does feel, though, that stores play an important role in the customer experience. In an ideal world, forward-thinking retailers will figure out how to merge the two buying experiences. It has built a growing menu of Solutions to engage those retail store customers and equip the future of retail by reducing friction, improving customer experience, and empowering employees.

Custom software solutions have been delivered by Ombori Grid to a number of retail clients. It ustomizes an app solution to meet the needs of each client after assessing their requirements. Clients have consistently expressed satisfaction with the performance of their applications. Furthermore, each company has demonstrated demonstrable benefits from the implementation of the solution.

Ombori Grid is already translating a variety of retail solutions into “Plug and Play” apps. In fact, these no-code solutions are the industry’s first of their sort. Each standalone app can be simply installed by engaging with an easy-to-use graphical interface by business owners who lack technical and/or coding skills. Ombori Grid now contains apps for visitor management, customer experience, and omnichannel solutions, among other things. It intends to gradually add more apps to the Marketplace, and clients are encouraged to submit their own.

 Mahmoud Khattab on the Shift the Pandemic Caused in Business

Mahmoud Khattab is a renowned name in the medical field, especially in California. As the CEO of Precision MD, he plays a very influential role in decision-making. An alumnus of the University of Damascus, he had the opportunity to move to the United States, whereby he did his residency in a Cleveland hospital. The decision to undertake a course in medicine came about from his passion for helping people access the best medical options, and now he can do this through Precision MD.

The year 2020 saw CEOs like Mahmoud Khattab gain a new focus in their line of duty. One of the main areas of focus became the COVID-19 response. With rapid vaccination, these leaders see a situation where the economy will recover, and an economic boom will follow. With the business challenges which the pandemic presented, one common factor with many CEOs is that the focus on growth remained unchanged. For Mahmoud he is among the business leaders that are hopeful that business will recover and experience the successes of 2019, which was the year before the pandemic or even better.

One of the areas that became of great emphasis and priority during the pandemic for most CEOs was the workforce. Skilled talent gained attention, and leaders like Mahmoud Khattab have realized that Precision MD will meet its business goals through naturing talent. While cost management would have easily been an area of priority above everything else, the pandemic saw a drop in the number of leaders who placed it as a priority.

The pandemic made many CEOs realize the power of digital spaces to their business. A bigger number of these leaders have now found value in investing in digital capabilities. Businesses have to push several areas down the priority list. An area like information technology, product enhancements, and culture received considerations after important aspects like digital investments had come into play. Read more by visiting

Brandon Taubman career accomplishments

Becoming a successful executive is never a walk in the park. Everyone who wants to be different from the others has to work hard and make the best decisions for their career path. When Brandon Taubman was starting his career life, he thought that moving from three industries was going to be easy. The leader had a perfect methodical approach when making every decision, and this is what has made all the difference. The leader has a very exciting journey in businesses just because of how he chose to operate his daily tasks. Brandon is a well-known data scientists, and he gives data the first priority in his business. The businessman has managed to get into different leadership sections throughout his career because of his expertise. The leader has worked in investment banking, real estate and sports management. In all of these industries, Brandon Taubman has laid a firm foundation when making his data decisions. Data is what makes the leader different from all the other leaders in the competitive market. This common ideal in the personal and professional life of the executive started when he was very young.

When Brandon Taubman was growing up, he ensured that he used different formulas and various equations so that he could get clarity in his decisions, hobbies and school activities. While at the Cornell University for his university education, the businessman did not let go of his passion for data. The executive specialized in applied economics and management. This degree helped the leader to understand how the numerous economic formula were used in decision making. After getting his degree, Brandon Taubman started to balance and speculate everything about data. The influential leader is happy he chose this career path because it has brought a lot of difference in his life. The executive has achieved so much in his life.


The Story Of Steph Korey

Different entrepreneurs have employed various models in their businesses. One such entrepreneur who has chosen the social impact way is Steph Korey. Together with her business partner, they are passionate about impacting the communities as a result of action and activities implemented. After conducting due diligence with her business partner, they have decided to partner with the initiative that brings peace to communities. One of her ideas has been persistent over time, using her travel company to drive peace initiatives to the different communities to eliminate conflict among communities.


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Steph Korey had an interview recently. For her, travel is personal growing up; her parents came from different parts of the world. Growing in such a home allowed her to experience diverse cultures that directly impact her perspective. Through partnering with the organization that deals with peace initiatives, they have been enabled to support the organization through a non-traditional setup. Unlike the common ways of offering monetary help that most companies are known to support charity events, they offer help by dedicating their time and expertise to the charitable organization.

One of the reasons she chooses to partner with the organization is because of their model that involves helping local people and grassroots organizations in places that require peace for them to co-exist. The best thing about this consensus-based organization is that they let the communities offer solutions and lead the way, as opposed to trying to implement their solutions. This kind of approach then brings a lasting solution to communities that require peacekeeping solutions. The partnership with Steph Korey’s company and the peace initiative is focused on finding solutions to maintain peace instead of post-conflict resolution.

One of the notable pieces of advice Steph Korey gives to entrepreneurs to partner with social organizations is to think beyond conventional monetary aid instead think of other ways and starting as soon as possible.

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 Tycoon Vijay Eswaran’s Wisdom is an Inspiration for Businesspeople

Vijay Eswaran, a globally successful executive, has invigorating advice for the modern industrialist.

Society encourages entrepreneurs to chase success, all to one day become a powerful and wealthy mogul.

Vijay Eswaran has unique vision when advising businesspeople. The principles he expresses involve asking us to take a step back from the bustling and zooming of the everyday workplace. Rather than sprint towards the finish line, the wise leader tells us to use some introspection, empathy, and mindfulness in our daily life and business practices.

One of Vijay Eswaran’s most useful concepts is the Sphere of Silence. He explains that if we practice the Sphere of Silence daily, we will be able to achieve more and reduce the mental and physical exhaustion most hardworking people feel.

The Silence part of this practice isn’t the same as in meditation, where the nirvana seeker might simply do a breathing exercise and try to detach from their thoughts. Instead, Eswaran describes a process broken into three paths, named Duty, Knowledge, and Devotion. These intentional phases are meant to be used to consider goals, learn, and then connect to a spiritual source. The magnate asserts that participating in this exercise daily will bring an individual to new heights, in both professional and personal realms.

Next to this refreshing concept is the executive’s unique approach to leadership. Eswaran feels that simply being a dictator isn’t the direction to take for true success. The characteristics of a true leader, according to his definition, include taking ownership, empowering others, being purpose-driven, and caring about their associates. These traits show that the successful businessman isn’t successful from the mere daily grind, but from taking a big-picture, collaborative approach to running a company.

Vijay Eswaran is a role model, as he bases achievement on life success, not just monetary gain.

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