Ron Gutman: A Man on a Mission

Basic Information


Intrivo’s co-CEO Ron Gutman wears many hats. He’s an author, teacher, inventor, and entrepreneur. The tech enthusiast has invested in healthcare technology which has revolutionized the healthcare industry. Ron Gutman teaches on positivity and believes that people ought to laugh more to live happier lives. He also prefers to work with companies that are not only profit-driven but also desire to help people.


Leadership Philosophy


Ron Gutman believes that leaders need to embrace the perpetual, pervasive, and exponential nature of change. He opines that a leader is characterized by wisdom, sagacity, and discernment. With these qualities, a leader can successfully navigate the rugged terrain of change. According to Gutman an effective leader instills confidence and trust in followers. This helps to build strong, cohesive and teachable teams. 




Ron Gutman is a staunch believer in giving back. He has been very instrumental in helping war-torn Ukraine deal with the COVID-19 crisis (Fortune). 

Through tech company Intrivo, he delivered COVID-19 testing kits and health management technology to numerous hospitals in Ukraine. Although Intrivo is an American-based company, Gutman felt moved by the situation in Ukraine and decided to help. He has also called out to other like-minded people to assist the suffering Ukrainians. Healthcare expert and serial entrepreneur Ron Gutman’s efforts will go a long way in motivating other people to join forces in helping those in need not only in Ukraine but also in other parts of the world.