Ryan Kavanaugh Convinced The Former President to Provide Color Commentary

The Covid-19 outbreak led to fighting promoters missing the fight since they tested positive for the virus, but Ryan Kavanaugh, Triller Fight Club owner, found a fighter who was moved across the country. Kavanaugh convinced the former President to provide color commentary as a bonus. Oscar De La Hoya was set for a bout versus Vitor Belfort to make a headline in the Triller Fight Club card at Los Angeles that would be broadcasted on cable television.

Unfortunately, he announced that he had been hospitalized with the Coronavirus. Ryan Kavanaugh ensured that his fighter had the best care and, instead of scrapping the event, decided that the show continue.


Ryan Kavanaugh contacted a former undisputed world champion Evander Holyfield who was set to make a comeback in an earlier Triller Fight Club and would step in for Oscar De La Hoya and fight Belfort. California would not sanction the bout since the fight had not been set yet. However, the innovative entrepreneur Kavanaugh did not give up. He has made the impossible possible, and he would still do it again. The entrepreneur packed his fight operation and the fighters and decamped to a hotel in Florida where the state officials would sanction the fight, and the show proceed.

Ryan Kavanaugh brought in Donald Trump, and it is the first time there has ever been a President of the United States commentating on a flight live. With the addition of Trump to the broadcast, online pay-per-view orders were raised. On the night of the fight, Ryan Kavanaugh made his way to the broadcast suite, where Donald Trump Jr. awaited and greeted the former President. He shared about the event and took a video with the former President talking about the night’s fight posted to social media to boost last-minute pay-per-view sales.