The Future of CFOs: Gary McGaghey on the Role of Finance in 2021

Gary McGaghey, the Chief Financial Officer at Dell Technologies, recently gave a keynote speech at an event about the future of CFOs. In his speech, he outlined the role of finance in 2021 and beyond. He predicted that CFOs will become more strategic and focused on long-term goals rather than short-term profits. He also said that data analysis will be a key component of the CFO’s job in the future. See more of Gary McGaghey on facebook

McGaghey’s predictions make a lot of sense. With the increasing emphasis on data-driven decision-making, the CFO is becoming more and more important. The role of the CFO is evolving from simply managing financial records to being a key player in developing and executing business strategy. In order to stay competitive, companies will need to have a CFO who can harness the power of data and use it to make sound strategic decisions and drive innovation.

McGaghey’s keynote speech provides a snapshot of the future of CFOs. It is clear that CFOs are evolving and becoming more important than ever before. They are no longer just bean counters – they are now strategic partners in helping businesses achieve their goals. This is an exciting time to be a CFO, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for them.

The future of CFOs is exciting and full of potential. Companies that embrace the changes McGaghey predicts will be well positioned for success in the years to come. Finance is becoming more complex and challenging, but it is also more important than ever before. CFOs who are able to adapt to the changing landscape will be in high demand.

Gary McGaghey is also known for his work in the field of digital transformation.

As Gary McGaghey points out, the role of the CFO is evolving. In the past, their primary focus was on financial management and recordkeeping. However, in the future, CFOs will need to be more strategic and focused on long-term goals.