Chief Executive Officer, Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft, the Kraft Group’s inventor, president, and Owner, is an American businessman, financier, and benefactor with a varied range of businesses and brands spanning numerous industries, sports and recreation, paper and packaging, property investment, and so on.

Once he purchased the New England Patriots in 1994, Robert Kraft was already a lifetime Patriots fan and a 23-year season ticket holder before becoming the squad’s chief executive. Having won 6 Lombardi Trophies in as many seasons, the Patriots now have the best-winning Record in pro sports. The squad has only succeeded in 19 of its previous 80 games in the 5 years before Kraft’s takeover.

The Patriots made the tournament for the first era in 8 years, in 1994 when Robert Kraft acquired the franchise. In his first 5 seasons as chairman, the Patriots succeeded in 49 games and made the playoffs multiple times, including a trip to the Super Bowl in his third installment.

Some other striking discrepancies may be seen in postseason games. There has only been one homecoming playoff game for the Patriots before 1994 when they fell to the Houston Oilers. Since then, the Patriots have advanced to the Super Bowl 21 times.

In no time, Robert Kraft’s objective was apparent. Fans’ hope in the Patriots was regained, and excitement was rekindled across the city of England as a result of his investment. A record-breaking year for season ticket sales, exceeding 45,000 for the first period in club history, occurred in the year of his purchase.

The Kraft Group’s developmental group began with the erection of Gillette Stadium, their debut endeavor. Patriot Plaza, a blended recreation and entertainment haven built by the Kraft Team in 2007 added to the site’s expansion. Starting with the inaugural home game in 1994, along with all preseason and postseason games, the Patriots have sold out 285 straight home games going into the 2021 season (not including the COVID-19 2020 season). Refer to this page for additional information.


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