Mahmoud Khattab on the Shift the Pandemic Caused in Business

Mahmoud Khattab is a renowned name in the medical field, especially in California. As the CEO of Precision MD, he plays a very influential role in decision-making. An alumnus of the University of Damascus, he had the opportunity to move to the United States, whereby he did his residency in a Cleveland hospital. The decision to undertake a course in medicine came about from his passion for helping people access the best medical options, and now he can do this through Precision MD.

The year 2020 saw CEOs like Mahmoud Khattab gain a new focus in their line of duty. One of the main areas of focus became the COVID-19 response. With rapid vaccination, these leaders see a situation where the economy will recover, and an economic boom will follow. With the business challenges which the pandemic presented, one common factor with many CEOs is that the focus on growth remained unchanged. For Mahmoud he is among the business leaders that are hopeful that business will recover and experience the successes of 2019, which was the year before the pandemic or even better.

One of the areas that became of great emphasis and priority during the pandemic for most CEOs was the workforce. Skilled talent gained attention, and leaders like Mahmoud Khattab have realized that Precision MD will meet its business goals through naturing talent. While cost management would have easily been an area of priority above everything else, the pandemic saw a drop in the number of leaders who placed it as a priority.

The pandemic made many CEOs realize the power of digital spaces to their business. A bigger number of these leaders have now found value in investing in digital capabilities. Businesses have to push several areas down the priority list. An area like information technology, product enhancements, and culture received considerations after important aspects like digital investments had come into play. Read more by visiting