The Story Of Steph Korey

Different entrepreneurs have employed various models in their businesses. One such entrepreneur who has chosen the social impact way is Steph Korey. Together with her business partner, they are passionate about impacting the communities as a result of action and activities implemented. After conducting due diligence with her business partner, they have decided to partner with the initiative that brings peace to communities. One of her ideas has been persistent over time, using her travel company to drive peace initiatives to the different communities to eliminate conflict among communities.


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Steph Korey had an interview recently. For her, travel is personal growing up; her parents came from different parts of the world. Growing in such a home allowed her to experience diverse cultures that directly impact her perspective. Through partnering with the organization that deals with peace initiatives, they have been enabled to support the organization through a non-traditional setup. Unlike the common ways of offering monetary help that most companies are known to support charity events, they offer help by dedicating their time and expertise to the charitable organization.

One of the reasons she chooses to partner with the organization is because of their model that involves helping local people and grassroots organizations in places that require peace for them to co-exist. The best thing about this consensus-based organization is that they let the communities offer solutions and lead the way, as opposed to trying to implement their solutions. This kind of approach then brings a lasting solution to communities that require peacekeeping solutions. The partnership with Steph Korey’s company and the peace initiative is focused on finding solutions to maintain peace instead of post-conflict resolution.

One of the notable pieces of advice Steph Korey gives to entrepreneurs to partner with social organizations is to think beyond conventional monetary aid instead think of other ways and starting as soon as possible.

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