Tycoon Vijay Eswaran’s Wisdom is an Inspiration for Businesspeople

Vijay Eswaran, a globally successful executive, has invigorating advice for the modern industrialist.

Society encourages entrepreneurs to chase success, all to one day become a powerful and wealthy mogul.

Vijay Eswaran has unique vision when advising businesspeople. The principles he expresses involve asking us to take a step back from the bustling and zooming of the everyday workplace. Rather than sprint towards the finish line, the wise leader tells us to use some introspection, empathy, and mindfulness in our daily life and business practices.

One of Vijay Eswaran’s most useful concepts is the Sphere of Silence. He explains that if we practice the Sphere of Silence daily, we will be able to achieve more and reduce the mental and physical exhaustion most hardworking people feel.

The Silence part of this practice isn’t the same as in meditation, where the nirvana seeker might simply do a breathing exercise and try to detach from their thoughts. Instead, Eswaran describes a process broken into three paths, named Duty, Knowledge, and Devotion. These intentional phases are meant to be used to consider goals, learn, and then connect to a spiritual source. The magnate asserts that participating in this exercise daily will bring an individual to new heights, in both professional and personal realms.

Next to this refreshing concept is the executive’s unique approach to leadership. Eswaran feels that simply being a dictator isn’t the direction to take for true success. The characteristics of a true leader, according to his definition, include taking ownership, empowering others, being purpose-driven, and caring about their associates. These traits show that the successful businessman isn’t successful from the mere daily grind, but from taking a big-picture, collaborative approach to running a company.

Vijay Eswaran is a role model, as he bases achievement on life success, not just monetary gain.

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