Top London Chefs Like Ryan Bishti Talk About Instagram

Ryan Bishti and other top London Chefs were asked to weigh in and talk about how Instagram has influenced their industry. It’s obvious that it has done so and that there are all sorts of opinions floating around. 


Heston Blumenthal, for example, recognizes how big of a role Instagram plays. He uses Instagram, just like other chefs, to lure folks in. It works, but he also hates it. 


Blumenthal hates it so much that he’s considered asking folks to not use their smartphones while in his restaurant. 


That’s a crazy notion, and he’s not alone as other chefs feel the same way. Blumenthal goes through extreme lengths to control the temperature of the food he creates, only to see his customers waste time trying to take a picture for Instagram.


Ryan Bishti couldn’t be happier with Instagram. This chef has a different attitude concerning the app. Ryan Bishti talked about how much Instagram has changed marketing for his restaurant. 


One thing that chefs hate is worrying about other things instead of just food, yet that’s impossible. Chefs like Ryan Bishti have to worry about things like marketing, or they’ll never get folks to try their delicious creations.


Ryan Bishti points out that marketing was not only time-consuming, but it robbed his restaurant of profits because it was so costly, but Instagram has slashed that cost considerably and given him more time to concentrate on dishes.


Ryan Bishti, who is the founder of Cream Group and The Windmill Soho, says that he loves being able to use the app, not only as a marketing tool but as a microphone as well. 


Announcements can be posted on the app to tell people about a new location or changes to the menu. Ryan Bishti even said that his restaurant has used Instagram to recruit qualified people for important positions in his company. It’s obvious that Instagram is here to stay for better or worse.