The prospects of Vik Bansal in the manufacturing industry

Globally, the supply chain is among the sectors experiencing hardships. Inadequate raw materials, increased demand, labor shortages related to the coronavirus are the significant factors affecting the supply chain management. However, Vik Bansal confirms that the manufacturing industry in Australia will rise post-pandemic.

Even though most countries have reopened their economy, most businesses are still weak. But, Vik Bansal regards weakness as a source of opportunities. Currently, he’s working on rebuilding Australia’s economy. To maintain long-term stability, Vik believes that the manufacturing sector will help if only people put lots of effort into recycling infrastructure to recover the waste management sector. Currently, he’s the CEO of InfraBuild, a recycling firm, and leads manufacturing and distributing steel. Regarding Vik’s point of view, the manufacturing industry in Australia has sunk to unexpected levels.

Recently, the GDP of Australia has declined to less than 10%. Meaning, the country prioritizes the exportation of raw materials and later imports them as finished goods. Australia’s manufacturing industry is likely to improve since the government has begun a Modern Manufacturing Initiative. The country is, therefore, expected to recover its economy. The government aims to build a healthy and sustainable environment for all manufacturers.

According to Vik, the MMI will promote domestic manufacturing. Thus, there will be plenty of job opportunities that improve the health and general livelihoods of people. InfraBuild Company will play a significant role in helping its goals by collaborating with a couple of partners and the government. Also, the steel industry boosts the economy of a country remarkably.

Additionally, the Australian government has learned the consequences of failing its part in supporting local manufacturers. Vik Bansal has worked as a CEO in different organizations for more than 19 years across the United States, Asia, and Australia. Currently, Vik got appointed as the Chief Executive Officer at Cleanaway Company.

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