HaroldoJacobovicz Becomes Successful Because Of Innovation

HaroldoJacobovicz is a serial entrepreneur with a wide range of skills and expertise that contributed to his technology success. He has managed to shed light on the telecommunication industry through implementing innovative technologies. He established numerous firms that have helped him meet his goals as an entrepreneur and telecommunication expert. His firms include Horizons Datacenter and Horizons Telecom, based in Brazil and renowned for providing cloud computing technologies and fiber-optic networks.

Haroldo Jacobovicz confirms that his source of inspiration is from his parents, renowned civil engineers in Brazil. Haroldo Jacobovicz takes after the father and mother who are Brazilian top civil engineers. They are the reason behind his enrollment to Panama University to pursue engineering. He never wanted to fail his parents and always aspired to follow in his parents' footsteps. However, when on campus, HaroldoJacobovicz saw great information technology opportunities and decided to pursue an IT-related course. As an information technology expert, Haroldo has managed to build real-world projects.

He confirms that the skills learned as an IT student has helped him build a better telecommunication infrastructure. Most businesses that have implemented this have managed to improve the quality of services they offer. In 2010, Haroldo Jacobovicz launched Horizons Telecom firm. Currently, the firm is one of the leading in Brazil. Later in 2020, he went ahead to establishing Horizons Datacenter. He diversified his portfolio and offered voice solutions, storage, internet, and data provision services.

He is a focused, committed, resilient, and disciplined individual who works towards achieving his goals. The virtues enable him to manage to offer top services to his clients. As an innovative and critical thinker, he has managed to find clear solutions to problems impacting his customers' growth. Haroldo believes that through technology, the world will be transformed into a better place.