Simon Denyer: Japan Did Not Get the Value for Its Investment in the Concluded Olympics

Through Washington Post, Simon Denyer has been very skeptical about the recently concluded Olympics in Japan. Obviously, such events were held during the pandemic, which is something that very many people around the world could not comprehend. There was not really any reason as to why such international events were held at such a period when very many countries around the globe were struggling, which means that they could not send their participants to the events.

Simon Denyer has been a close observer of global events and has written multiple topics on recent events around the world. It is essential to indicate that most of these events have not captured the imagination of the millions of people in the world like they are supposed to capture. Obviously, very many countries have been concentrating on the current pandemic. Millions of individuals who would have been interested in games were busy trying to overcome the harsh economic conditions.

According to Simon Denyer, Japan was not interested in hosting the pandemic after undergoing some extreme challenges through the pandemic. In fact, the country is yet to recover, which means that allowing millions of people from every corner of the world was a risky aspect that could have exposed the country to the pandemic. The country’s economic conditions did not allow it to continue handling such an event, which creates a perception that Japan was forced to do it or lose its international influence when it comes to Olympics.

In Washington Post, Simon Denyer highlighted that the Olympic Committee does not contribute significantly to the finances required to host such events. The host country is responsible for such expenses. This means that Japan had to pay more than $15 billion for the Olympics while still experiencing considerable economic hardships. What makes everything worse is that the Japanese taxpayers who had paid for the event were not allowed to enter the stadiums. Refer to this page for additional information.