Brandon Taubman use of Data Science to Solve Real-Life Problems

Brandon Taubman is the co-founder of Stablewood, or Stablewood Technologies focused on real estate analytics. They aim to provide “a suite of applications and services designed to help you make smart, objective decisions with your valuable financial asset, your home.” Brandon uses data science to make unique real estate decisions in his line of work. Brandon’s goal as a data scientist is to provide real actionable insights that can be used across multiple industries. He feels that he has successfully done this at Stablewood and hopes to continue helping other companies do the same. Learn more about Brandon Taubman

Brandon Taubman discussed the importance of data science and how it can optimize businesses. He believes there will be a significant shift from companies using intuition as their primary decision-making source to using data-driven approaches. In baseball recruiting, for example, players are now being evaluated based on precise statistics such as BABIP (batting average for balls put in play) and HR/FB (home runs per fly ball rate). This means that they can now focus their efforts on recruiting players who generate better metrics. This has allowed them to identify the best talent sooner rather than later, increasing their chances of success when it comes time to play.

According to Brandon Taubman, using data science in real estate investing is another excellent example of its power to impact lives. Data science allows individuals to make better investments and increase their returns on investment by identifying trends and patterns in historical market data.

Data science affects our lives daily whether we realize it or not. Most of the time, we are unaware that it is even present in our lives (such as the products on Amazon you see pop up), but it can still produce and make us take action like informing us which path to take on your Uber ride home. Brandon Taubman believes that data science will only continue to be more prevalent in our lives in the years to come.

Ombori Advances Smart Store Innovation Via Focus on Customer Experiences

Technology has advanced to a point where a talking mirror is now not a thing of the past. The talking mirror can invite shoppers to take selfies or store windows talking to one shopper via their phone. To many, this is a futuristic movie, but these interactive retail customer experiences are real. Interactive retail has changed how retail shoppers are interacting with their favorite brands.

The CEO of Ombori, Andreas Hassellof, created the talking mirror and other purchase interactive technology machines. He notes that the company is trying to improve the shopping experience. Hassellöf says the aim of the company is to create technology that makes it fun for consumers and provides store owners with benefits.

Power Grid

Ombori Grid gives power to retail rented space. It provides the mobile and display experience. The public gets to gain not only from interactive retail but also gain interactive consumer engagement. Technology also boosted the modern relationship between customers and brands.

With customer management systems, Ombori uses its technology to streamline the house processes and help boost staff efficiencies. This makes Ombori tech the center of retail changes in terms of retail technology.

The Talking Mirror

One of the technology from Ombori is the talking mirror. H&M implements it in Times Square in New York. The mirror is usually in sleeping mode till the time it notices that a shopper is in the vicinity. The moment it senses a consumer for some time, it comes to life and it asks the patron what they want.

If it’s a selfie they want, the mirror gives a countdown. After taking the selfie, it gives a magazine cover framing. This is a self-promotion method for the store and the customer can download the image on their phone using a special QR code.

 Microsoft buy Activision Blizzard for 68.7 Billion

On January 18, 2022, most major news outlets reported that the software giant Microsoft will be buying Activision Blizzard in a record 68.7 billion all-cash transaction. The video game industry has long since been the main platform for the expanding metaverse, with many major internet companies, including Google and Apple, also showing interest in this growing field. Yet the video game industry has long since also been important to Microsoft since its early days in the 1980s, and with this deal speculation now increases that Activision Blizzard may become an Xbox exclusive

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The former CEO of Xbox, Phil Spencer, will head the team, and his outlook is a bright one for the video game industry. Activision has long since had an incredible series of video game franchises which include Call of Duty and World of Warcraft. It now merges with Microsoft gaming and its line of hits such as Halo, Forza and Fallout. With this merger, Spencer hinted that he wants only to accelerate business growth and to find new genres for the video game industry to tap. The CEO of Activision Blizzard, Bobby Kotick will be stepping down after the deal, and Activision will report directly to Spencer, who will now be head of Microsoft Gaming. Kotick previously had been the long running CEO of Activision and Blizzard since its inception in 2008, and he had been the CEO of Activision in previous years.

With so many industry giants now looking with newfound interest at the video game industry, this merger only promises further expansion into this area. Yet at 45% over the stock price and with the deal as all-cash, both parties agree that this was a winning situation for the shareholders. Will such an aggressive play bode well for Microsoft Gaming? Only time can tell, yet the future looks promising.

 Changing Roles of a Chief Financial Officer-Gary McGaghey

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have brought many changes in the world. Due to remote working, positions in most companies have been changed including the Chief s position. The pandemic has hindered the return-to-work plans, and the management of the remote and hybrid workers is now a permanent reality. Besides the pandemic, world leaders battle different issues, including climate change, economic and social problems, supply chain woes, and inflation pressure.

After the pandemic, a lot has changed globally, including workforce, tax, policy regulation, and culture. The duties of the Chief Financial Officer has also changed. Individuals who held the position are now problem solvers and influencers in the workplace. Chief Financial Offer is known for managing finances, and organizing cooperate business action can now organize better, faster and long-lasting business results. Chief Financial Officers are directly responsible for creating innovations and new pathways that will lead to the organization’s future growth. 2022 has given the leaders a new role that includes looking ahead as they focus on the organization’s development.

Gary McGaghey is a well-known Chief Financial Officer. Gary has extensive experience in the financial industry and has served in various companies, including William Lea Tag Company. William Lea Tag is owned by the private equity firms Advent International and PE Group. The financial expert has been responsible for managing acquisition, cost restructuring, and merges. Mr. Gray brought vast experience to William Lea Tag. Before joining the company, the leader served in other organizations, including Unilever, Robertson, and Nelsons. At Robertson, Gary has worked for several firms, including; Baker Street snacks, Robertson Foods, and Robertson Homecare. In the company, Gary McGaghey has held various positions where he gained experience.

After Gary’s graduation from High school, he joined Natal University and later South Africa University. At the institution of higher studies, the financial expert gained skills and expertise that he practices today. Get connected with Gary McGaghey here:

Eric Lefkofsky: Why IPO is the Only Solution to the Struggling Tempus

Up to now, getting financial support among the smaller businesses has always been a major issue of concern. Currently, there are some major entities that have started their industrial operations in the market over the years. However, it has never been an easier undertaking for such entities because they do not know the appropriate strategies they can consider incorporating in their operations because they do not have the necessary finances (Chicagomag).


Under the guidance and leadership of Eric Lefkofsky, Tempus has been a game-changer in the healthcare sector. The company has been strategically incorporating some of the essential techniques and strategies that other businesses in the same sector have not been adopting. It is worth communicating that the growth that this organization has brought has not been common among other smaller entities.


However, according to healthcare expert and entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky, just like any other smaller entity in the market today, Tempus has been struggling with finances. This means that the company does not have access to the necessary financial support that can help it to continue accomplishing its industrial objectives in the healthcare sector. This means that the fate of the company has been threatened.

Eric Lefkofsky is, however, strategic and believes that an IPO can be one of the stand out solutions to the acute shortage of finances in the organization. Generally, an IPO helps a company to attract huge amounts of money from the leading investment organizations. It is also a unique technique of ensuring that the people who do not have a sufficient amount of money are also investing in the healthcare business.

Krishen Iyer and His History Running Businesses

Krishen Iyer is the founder of MAIS Consulting. He was raised in California and graduated from Bullard High School in 1998. After that, he ended up attending San Diego State University to earn his Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Urban Development. After graduating, Krishen Iyer founded Name My Premium Insurance in 2009. This company was quite successful, being named on the Inc 5000 list one year. 


In 2015, he decided to move on to the company and create Managed Benefit Services (MBS). This company is a firm operating both in the insurance and marketing industries. Under the leadership of Krishen Iyer, MBS utilizes a unique process that finds people most likely to be customers for a client. 


The Managed Benefit Services company has been successful at targeting all kinds of niches, making them quite profitable. In 2020, Krishen Iyer decided to create MAIS Consulting. This company helps businesses handle marketing, growth, company policies, and more (Xing). 

He’s been able to grow MAIS Consulting to handle businesses with all kinds of niches. Along with running a business, Krishen Iyer likes to help others. He regularly donates to the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help children all around the world. Krishen Iyer was also known for contributing a lot to the Haiti earthquake efforts.

Zilch Helps Consumers With Financial Wellness

Zilch, a virtual Mastercard, is a people-first company showing much growth in the UK and US in helping people to obtain financial wellness. The company innovatively helps its consumers to spend their own money in a responsible way. Similar to a bank card, yet with some perks, their app allows consumers to Buy Now Pay Later.

Zilch helps to provide an easy-to-use platform for consumers to reach their financial goals. When a consumer makes a purchase using the virtual Mastercard, they pay 25% of the total right away. The remainder is then split into three payments occurring every other week, over the course of six weeks. This helps consumers to manage predictable cash flow with future personal incoming paychecks. This promotes efficient budgeting. With affiliated stores, there are no fees and 0% APR. With Zilch Anywhere there is a small processing fee upfront and an APR applied

Registered consumers of the app receive periodic soft credit checks so they know what they can personally afford. With good financial and payment behavior the app may reward the user increased spending totals over time. This encourages responsible spending behavior.

The Mastercard ensures to notify its users of every step along the way to encourage financial mindfulness and responsible consumption. Transactions are available for viewing under the “Purchases and Payments” tab in the app or on the website as well as payment due dates. The Snooze option gives users the ability to gain an extra four days to make a payment. However, this feature does not become available until the user has a history of four previous on-time transactions. The company does not charge late fees for missed payments, and customer representatives can work with consumers to settle payments due.

Zilch offers more than just Buy Now Pay Later services. Users can pay everything up front and earn Zilch Rewards for discounts or other fun opportunities. The company’s blog offers fun ideas on how their customers can have unique experiences while spending responsibly. The company’s innovative ways in helping people maintain or obtain financial wellness is giving them more opportunities for responsible spending, budgeting, and possibilities for new experiences.

Tieks: The Most Comfortable Shoes You’ll Ever Own

If you’re looking for a comfortable, stylish pair of shoes to wear on your next vacation, Tieks are the perfect option. These shoes are made with high-quality materials, and they’re incredibly comfortable, making them perfect for long walks or extended periods on your feet. This article will take a closer look at why they’re worth the price.

Tieks shoes are perfect for anyone who wants a comfortable pair of shoes that provide comfort and style. These shoes are even great for people who have specific health concerns or conditions that require them to have a particular type of shoe. For example, people who have diabetes may find it incredibly difficult to find comfortable and soft shoes on their feet.

People who have diabetes often have nerve damage, which means they need to be careful not to hurt themselves when walking. With this in mind, choosing any old pair of shoes isn’t necessarily the best option. However, these shoes are perfect for people with diabetes because they’re made with soft leather and have a specially designed insole.

Another way Tieks shoes are perfect for people with specific conditions is because they’re straightforward to put on. When you have a condition or disorder that makes it difficult to bend over, using traditional shoes can be a challenge. However, they feature a ballet-inspired design that makes them incredibly easy to put on and take off.

Another reason that these shoes are perfect for people with specific health concerns is that they’re stylish.

Tieks come in a variety of colors and patterns and can be worn with dresses and pants, so there’s bound to be something you’ll love. Not only that, but these shoes are incredibly high-quality and durable. With proper care, Tieks can be used for years and years—in fact, these shoes could last a lifetime!Visit this page for more information.

Since the brand is an online store, one can only purchase them via their website, Boutiek. However, an individual can also buy and sell second-hand or new shoes on social media platforms like Facebook and Poshmark. Sure, Tieks distinguishes itself in shipping the ordered shoes for you.


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Yves Mirabaud And Current Business Operations

As the coronavirus ravages the global economic markets, many CEOs across all sectors have questioned their business practices. Consumers were becoming increasingly aware of the meaning behind their purchasing power.

As the situation evolved, numerous sectors experienced set-backs or disruptions in their services. Yves Mirabaud saw the numbers from this time period and offered a different outlook on what they mean. A recent piece with Finews conducted an interview with this individual. They expand on how the pandemic has affected their businesses practices, and their positive outlook for the future.

While on the surface, Yves Mirabaud acknowledges that the business numbers appear underwhelming. However, given the circumstances he views this result as the best outcome. The returns have justified the expenses over the past years, and market momentum is swinging back in a positive direction. In the grand scheme of business development, this is a mere bump in the road.

Yves Mirabaud cites the success streaks seen in many of his clients in recent months. A good number of them have seen their portfolios hold steady or improve. This is a strong sign that the company’s approach is yielding the desired results. While there are a few extreme cases of loss, he believes that can be associated unique factors to each incident.

In terms on maintaining the functions of a thriving business, Yves Mirabaud expands on a few key internal aspects in recent months. According to him, Mirabaud Bank have not sharply reduced costs as a result of the pandemic, but rather are more interested in holding the line in the market.

Additionally, they have picked up several new partners lately. The private bankers help to provide value to the assets in the company and give a good word for future transactions. The current state of the world is ripe with fresh marketing opportunities. Visit this page for additional information.


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Chief Executive Officer, Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft, the Kraft Group’s inventor, president, and Owner, is an American businessman, financier, and benefactor with a varied range of businesses and brands spanning numerous industries, sports and recreation, paper and packaging, property investment, and so on.

Once he purchased the New England Patriots in 1994, Robert Kraft was already a lifetime Patriots fan and a 23-year season ticket holder before becoming the squad’s chief executive. Having won 6 Lombardi Trophies in as many seasons, the Patriots now have the best-winning Record in pro sports. The squad has only succeeded in 19 of its previous 80 games in the 5 years before Kraft’s takeover.

The Patriots made the tournament for the first era in 8 years, in 1994 when Robert Kraft acquired the franchise. In his first 5 seasons as chairman, the Patriots succeeded in 49 games and made the playoffs multiple times, including a trip to the Super Bowl in his third installment.

Some other striking discrepancies may be seen in postseason games. There has only been one homecoming playoff game for the Patriots before 1994 when they fell to the Houston Oilers. Since then, the Patriots have advanced to the Super Bowl 21 times.

In no time, Robert Kraft’s objective was apparent. Fans’ hope in the Patriots was regained, and excitement was rekindled across the city of England as a result of his investment. A record-breaking year for season ticket sales, exceeding 45,000 for the first period in club history, occurred in the year of his purchase.

The Kraft Group’s developmental group began with the erection of Gillette Stadium, their debut endeavor. Patriot Plaza, a blended recreation and entertainment haven built by the Kraft Team in 2007 added to the site’s expansion. Starting with the inaugural home game in 1994, along with all preseason and postseason games, the Patriots have sold out 285 straight home games going into the 2021 season (not including the COVID-19 2020 season). Refer to this page for additional information.


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