Kathy Farinas of Dean Omar Shining


The Super Lawyers list is an important classification that Dean Omar Branham Shirley, LLP has put in place. It puts together a list of top performing attorneys working under it who have excelled in legal practice. The lawyers have to be recommended by colleagues and heads of their departments to qualify for selection.

Kathy Farinas is among the excellent attorneys who have made the listing. She was selected as a super lawyer for the year 2021 to 2022. She works at Dean Omar Branham Shirley, LLP as a personal injury attorney. Other legal areas of practice include cases concerning medical practice, civil rights and employment litigation. 

Kathy’s center of practice is in Indiana. This is where she was able to gain her license to practice law in 1997. She pursued her bachelor studies in law at Valparaiso University. Kathy was able to complete her bar exam and move to practicing in the same year. Since her graduation, Kathy has worked in various capacities as an attorney. This has allowed her to shape her skill and become an excellent lawyer who would be acknowledged almost twenty years later with the rank of a super lawyer. 

Dr. Jejurikar Liposuction Reviews

Dr. Jejurikar is a renowned plastic surgery doctor. He is well-reputed and has numerous positive reviews online. One person that has got the services of Dr. Jejurikar says that she found a connection with him after consulting with so many other surgical doctors. The connection was because Dr. Jejurikar is a person who is easy to talk to and answers your questions in full detail so that you know what you have to undergo. She also noted that he has very compassionate staff who are always welcoming.

Another person notes that she was not content with the results that she got from other surgeons until she finally found Dr. Jejurikar. She termed him the best plastic surgeon ever. That’s because, while some surgeons specify in some specific procedures, Dr. Jejurikar exhibits expertise in all those aspects. She also deemed him as a very friendly doctor.

Get in touch with Dr. Jejurikar: https://www.docscores.com/profile/sam-jejurikar-md

Tim Murawski´s Career Achievements

Augmedics medical research firm is a worldclass company that ensures there is high technology in the hospital setting. The practices enrolled in the hospital within the healthcare industry are groundbreaking and remote. Tim Murawski has been the chief executive of the company. After graduating, Tim began his career working in a large chemical company to gain experience. 


There he dealt with purchasing R&D operations. After some time business and healthcare expert Tim Murawski realized that the career did not suit him, and he decided to join the sales in the healthcare industry. It was in the 1990s that HIV/AIDS had affected the economy. Moreover, healthcare workers such as Tim Murawski were at risk of accidental needle sticks. Tim was awkwardly committed to enhancing safety in the medical sector. 


Healthcare expert and businessman Tim Murawski worked in Baxter Healthcare’s IV Systems Division. At this firm, he successfully ensured the institution was running smoothly. He also contributed to helping other medical technology companies grow. The business expert Tim Murawski had an experience in disruptive technology; thus, it was easy for him to work in the sector and prove that everything was possible. 


Between 2010 and 2019, healthcare expert Tim Murawski held several positions as Mazor Robotics vice president. Tim Murawski was raised as the fourth of five children. His parents motivated him to be the person he is through encouragement. They also helped him learn the importance of a strong work ethic since he was young. According to recent research, Tim Murawski has not shown any signs of going down in his career. He lives with his wife and dog. Tim likes water skiing, tennis, and working in his yard during his leisure time. 

At Mazor Robotics firm, the Mazor X RCS is an outstanding robotic platform that can move around a patient’s spine, essentially using the environment to operate in a less invasive way than before improving patient´s experience. “It delivers video, 3D spatial information, and precise position information to the surgeon. The combination of these two will significantly increase the patient’s safety, improve surgical outcomes and provide surgeons with clear surgical intent information without looking down at the patient’s belly”. Tim Murawski said.

Krishen Iyer on how to make a customer’s life easier

Krishen Iyer is the founder of MAIS Consulting Group, a Fresno-based company that has helped transform the way individuals conduct business with their customers. The business mentor has made it his mission to help small businessowners in the Central Valley with the fundamentals of their marketing strategies and sales techniques that will help them stand out from the competition. Krishen Iyer talks about how to make customers’ lives easier.


Businessman and CEO Krishen Iyer says simplicity is the key. The customer doesn’t need to know all the technical elements of your products or services. They need to know what they’re going to get and how it works, says Krishen Iyer. If you have a complicated product or service, both the provider and customer will be confused. Another critical element to building your brand apart from providing great products and services is understanding customers’ needs by asking questions and listening for their responses, says Krishen Iyer. 


He focuses on advertising that connects with customers by helping them see something they want – a great product or service, a clear plan, and an easy payment process. Krishen Iyer says you should focus on developing customer relationships by customizing your business to meet their needs. 


The serial entrepreneur Krishen Iyer says that communication and professionalism are also vital in establishing good relations with customers. And you must remember to ask questions, listen and be flexible while a customer demonstrates their needs in your trade show booth. Iyer believes it’s essential for small businesses to learn their customers’ needs, especially through face-to-face meetings.


Simplicity should not be the only way you market your products and services, states Krishen Iyer. It would be best to do more than offer a product or service to potential customers but educate them on how it can help them. The marketing expert and business mentor Krishen Iyer also says it’s essential to be friendly with each customer.

David Black’s Top 10 Productivity Hacks for Busy Business Executives

Being a successful business executive requires a lot of hard work and dedication. But it also helps to have some productivity hacks up your sleeve! In this article, we will explore the top 10 productivity hacks used by David Black, one of the most successful businessmen in the world.
1. Get enough sleep: This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s important to get enough shut-eye to function at your best during the day. Black typically gets around 7-8 hours of sleep per night.
2. Wake up early: Waking up early gives you a head start on the day and allows you to get more done. Black typically wakes up at 5:00 am.
3. Exercise: Taking some time out for a quick workout can do wonders for your energy levels and productivity. Black makes sure to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day.
4. Eat healthily: What you put into your body affects how you feel and function. Black tries to eat healthy meals high in protein and low in sugar.
5. Take breaks: It’s important to take a break from work now and then to avoid burnout. Black typically takes a 10-15 minute break every hour or so.
6. Stay organized: Keeping your work area organized can help you stay focused and on track. Black uses various tools to stay organized, including a whiteboard and sticky notes.
7. Set priorities: Knowing what most important tasks can help you use your time more efficiently. Black makes sure to set priorities each day and week.
8. Delegate: As a busy executive, it’s important to delegate tasks to others. Black delegates tasks to his employees and team members whenever possible.
9. Keep a positive attitude: Maintaining a positive outlook can help you stay motivated and productive. Black tries to stay positive even when things get tough.
10. Take time for yourself: It’s important to schedule some time each week. This can be used for relaxation, hobbies, or anything else that you enjoy. Black typically schedules an hour or two each week for himself.
Following these productivity hacks from David Black can help you make the most of your time and succeed in your career!

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Ryan Kavanaugh Convinced The Former President to Provide Color Commentary

The Covid-19 outbreak led to fighting promoters missing the fight since they tested positive for the virus, but Ryan Kavanaugh, Triller Fight Club owner, found a fighter who was moved across the country. Kavanaugh convinced the former President to provide color commentary as a bonus. Oscar De La Hoya was set for a bout versus Vitor Belfort to make a headline in the Triller Fight Club card at Los Angeles that would be broadcasted on cable television.

Unfortunately, he announced that he had been hospitalized with the Coronavirus. Ryan Kavanaugh ensured that his fighter had the best care and, instead of scrapping the event, decided that the show continue.


Ryan Kavanaugh contacted a former undisputed world champion Evander Holyfield who was set to make a comeback in an earlier Triller Fight Club and would step in for Oscar De La Hoya and fight Belfort. California would not sanction the bout since the fight had not been set yet. However, the innovative entrepreneur Kavanaugh did not give up. He has made the impossible possible, and he would still do it again. The entrepreneur packed his fight operation and the fighters and decamped to a hotel in Florida where the state officials would sanction the fight, and the show proceed.

Ryan Kavanaugh brought in Donald Trump, and it is the first time there has ever been a President of the United States commentating on a flight live. With the addition of Trump to the broadcast, online pay-per-view orders were raised. On the night of the fight, Ryan Kavanaugh made his way to the broadcast suite, where Donald Trump Jr. awaited and greeted the former President. He shared about the event and took a video with the former President talking about the night’s fight posted to social media to boost last-minute pay-per-view sales.

 The Future of CFOs: Gary McGaghey on the Role of Finance in 2021

Gary McGaghey, the Chief Financial Officer at Dell Technologies, recently gave a keynote speech at an event about the future of CFOs. In his speech, he outlined the role of finance in 2021 and beyond. He predicted that CFOs will become more strategic and focused on long-term goals rather than short-term profits. He also said that data analysis will be a key component of the CFO’s job in the future. See more of Gary McGaghey on facebook

McGaghey’s predictions make a lot of sense. With the increasing emphasis on data-driven decision-making, the CFO is becoming more and more important. The role of the CFO is evolving from simply managing financial records to being a key player in developing and executing business strategy. In order to stay competitive, companies will need to have a CFO who can harness the power of data and use it to make sound strategic decisions and drive innovation.

McGaghey’s keynote speech provides a snapshot of the future of CFOs. It is clear that CFOs are evolving and becoming more important than ever before. They are no longer just bean counters – they are now strategic partners in helping businesses achieve their goals. This is an exciting time to be a CFO, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for them.

The future of CFOs is exciting and full of potential. Companies that embrace the changes McGaghey predicts will be well positioned for success in the years to come. Finance is becoming more complex and challenging, but it is also more important than ever before. CFOs who are able to adapt to the changing landscape will be in high demand.

Gary McGaghey is also known for his work in the field of digital transformation.

As Gary McGaghey points out, the role of the CFO is evolving. In the past, their primary focus was on financial management and recordkeeping. However, in the future, CFOs will need to be more strategic and focused on long-term goals.

Dr. Jejurikar: Top Plastic Surgeon in Dallas

Dr. Jejurikar is a top plastic surgeon in Dallas who has been working in the field for over 20 years. He has extensive experience in both Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery in his work. He has also been teaching at Texas A&M University since 2006. Dr. Jejurikar is an excellent doctor who always puts his patients first. He always takes the time to listen to his patients and take into account their unique needs before performing surgery.

The key to Dr. Jejurikar top plastic surgeon’s status and success is his dedication to his patients. He always takes the time to listen to his patients and take into account their unique needs before performing surgery. Additionally, he has a wealth of experience in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. This allows him to provide his patients with the best possible care.

Dr. Jejurikar’s work has changed the field of plastic surgery in a major way. He has developed new and innovative techniques to achieve better results for his patients. His work has also made him a well-known name in the field, which has helped him achieve a high reputation among his peers and patients alike. He is also known for his dedication to his patients and his willingness to consider their individual needs before performing surgery. This allows patients to feel confident about their surgery and know that they are in good hands.

The different types of plastic surgery that Dr. Jejurikar specializes in include Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Surgical Oncology and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. He has a great deal of experience with various other procedures, including; Eye surgery, Breast cancer surgery, Head and neck surgery, Lipo surgery.

He is also a board-certified plastic surgeon with the American Plastic Surgery. Dr. Jejurikar is a highly recommended doctor for anyone looking for a quality plastic surgery experience. To learn more about Dr. Jejurikar, a board-certified plastic surgeon with offices in Dallas visit at https://www.crunchbase.com/person/dr-sameer-jejurikar

 Du Shuanghua Recap

The History of Du Shuanghua and the Sale of Rizhao Steel in 2010

China has been the world’s largest steel producer for decades. In 2010, the global financial crisis and increased competition from other countries led to Rizhao Steel Co. Ltd., one of China’s biggest steel producers, defaulting on a debt payment and facing imminent bankruptcy. The government stepped in to protect Chinese jobs and industry by taking control of Rizhao Steel Co. Ltd., a process called “nationalization.”

This is the story of Du Shuanghua, who was an influential businessman and a well-respected philanthropist. This article will explore his life and how his contributions still impact China today.

The Sale of Rizhao Steel in 2010

Du Shuanghua founded Rizhao Steel Co. Ltd. in 2001 and soon grew to be one of China’s biggest steel producers. In 2010, the global financial crisis led to Rizhao Steel Co. Ltd., one of China’s biggest steel producers, defaulting on a debt payment and facing imminent bankruptcy. The Chinese government stepped in to protect Chinese jobs and industry by taking control of Rizhao Steel Co. Ltd., a process called “nationalization.”

Du Shuanghua was an influential businessman and a well-respected philanthropist known as the founder of Rizhao Steel Co. Ltd. He helped build into one of China’s most s most successful companies before its nationalization in 2010. This article will explore his life and how his contributions still impact China today.

Learn more about Du Shuanghua in this article: https://prabook.com/web/du.shuanghua/3781890


The life of Du Shuanghua is a story of how a humble man became one of the most influential people in China. He started his life in poverty and created a successful steel business. His success story was not just in business but also as a leader. He is remembered as one who helped Rizhao steel become one of China’s most influential steel companies.

Fortress Co-Founder Randal Nardone Instills Trust with His Employees

As a co-founder of one of the largest alternative asset managers, Randal Nardone has been a prominent member of the financial community for several decades. The organization was founded in 1998 in the state of New York, and its multi-national headquarters are located in New York City. They have offices in other locations, including San Francisco, CA, Shanghai, and Singapore. The launch of Fortress Investment Group was the result of a collaborative effort between Randal, Wesley Edens, and Rob Kauffman. The three founders were each successful financiers prior to the start of Fortress. Their astute financial strategies played a major role in the company’s current positioning as a world leader. Randal Nardone has been a key factor in the many changes that have taken place at Fortress Investment Group over the years. The financial rewards of many of those changes have been great. Randal is a billionaire, and he is number 557 on Forbes list.

Many employees of the firm have posted positive reviews about their work experience at Fortress Investment Group. They gave high ratings to Randal Nardone and the rest of the management team. The work environment is excellent, and employees are generally satisfied with the pay and the benefits offered by the company. The employees like their co-workers, and they find that everyone is friendly and helpful. They say the piece of the office is busy, and they find Fortress to be a good place to learn and grow and more

Last year, the company was sold in a transaction reported at a price of $3.3 million. Randal Nardone will continue to lead the organization in its day-to-day business operations. Fortress Investment Group was acquired by SoftBank, a major Japanese conglomerate. SoftBank was originally formed as a technology company, and they have as of late been rapidly expanding into other industries. The acquisition of Fortress Investment Group was a strategic move to advance its interests into Fortress’ areas of investment expertise.