HypeBeast features Leopoldo Alejandro

Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is known as the “Midas Touch” guy due to his investment in Hawkers sunglasses, a Spanish firm known for its eco-friendly designs and inexpensive prices.

Hawkers sunglasses are popular due to their eco-friendly designs and low costs.

Felix Ruiz and Hugo Arévalo handed Alejandro Betancourt Lopez $56 million in 2016. These investments and Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s aided the company’s rapid growth.

Alex, David, Pablo, and Iñaki Moreno collaborated to create it. Before starting Hawkers, Lozano and Soriano worked as Spanish brand ambassadors for Knockaround Spain.

The vivid colors and unusual styles of Hawkers’ clothing appeal to young people. To provide excellent value to clients, the company prioritizes product quality while keeping costs affordable (often between $20 and $40).

Initially, sunglasses for Hawkers were manufactured in a Luxottica plant, which was the industry leader in its field. There were also a lot of backorders, and the company’s customer service standards were unclear.

The social media strategy has to be improved
Students who already liked the brand were enticed by hawkers who gave them concert and festival tickets, plane tickets, and other items in exchange for cash. They were attempting to market to those who had at least 1,000 social media followers.

Each influencer received a complimentary pair of sunglasses as well as a promo code that their fans could use to receive discounts and other benefits. 5 000 notable people discuss our organization and offer to advise.

“Ideas come from being creative and working hard,” adds Alejandro Betancourt. “It’s always interesting to hear firsthand accounts from strangers. After that, I return to my strategic questions and re-examine them.”

Hawkers’ sales have increased as a result of these efforts, which place a greater focus on the brand’s status as a fashion item than on its use. (Example:) With over 6.6 million Facebook fans, they were able to assist Hawkers in determining how to market themselves.

The 1.6 million individuals who follow him on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Reddit are also useful. Despite the fact that the company’s products are available in at least forty different locations throughout the world, 90 percent of its products are sold online.