Philip Belamant Focus on Accessibility and Innovation in the Growth of PBel

Philip Belamant is the founder and C.E.O. of Zilch. When Belamant was a child, he was already immersed in technology. Philip Belamant grew up spending a lot of time in his father’s workplace, where he learned about business operations and technology.

Philip Belamant studied at St. Davids Marist Inanda High School and the University of Johannesburg, both in South Africa, where he developed a strong interest in technology. When he graduated in 2006, he received his Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with Honors. His studies focused on new technologies such as mobile technology and A.I.

At 21, after earning his degree, he ventured straight into entrepreneurship by establishing PBel, an ambitious mobile social gaming company. His colleagues from his senior thesis project- the biometric security system project, assisted him in establishing PBel.

Prepaid airtime was the foundation on which the mobile game designers at PBel constructed their games. Customers had to commute to a centralized spot to purchase airtime, which necessitated extensive walking or use of public transportation. Once the user adds airtime to their account, they can use it as a virtual currency.

Philip Belamant shifted from mobile games to airtime competitions and payment systems. PBel partnered with several leading mobile network operators. This enabled their expansion into over 27 African countries.

PBel then partnered with Mastercard to issue virtual airtime that could be exchanged for real-world goods. The company embarked on a Mastercard World Food Programme project, which targeted customers in rural regions of South Africa.

PBel had well-coordinated branding and a targeted approach that eliminated airtime resellers to earn the customers’ trust. This added to the airtime borrowing services they offered to their customers.

PBel then partnered with Uber to offer their customers a digital payment method for their Uber trips. After a successful virtual card venture, Philip Belamant joined forces with his father, Serge Belamant. Philip runs the mobile payment company, while his father operates the smartcard payment business.

Finally, PBel ventured into the payday lending business. The designers built a product that enabled customers to meet their needs without going into debt. Philip has steered Zilch into a successful future in the South African payment solutions venture.