Liu Qiangdong has Partnered with Noluntary Organizations Commitment in the Fight Against Covid-19 Outbreak, the third-largest e-commerce company worldwide, has played a critical role in the fight against the Omicron outbreak in Hong Kong. The city is struggling to contain the deadly omicron variant, which continues to overwhelm hospitals. Liu Qiangdong, the founder of, has promised to keep in touch with the relevant authorities in Hong Kong and always offer support. Besides, Liu Qiangdong has partnered with voluntary organizations to assist in the fight against COVID 19 resurgence in the city.

Donation of COVID-19 Relief Aid

The tech giant has donated millions to help Omicron-hit city reduce the impact of its worst-ever COVID-19 outbreak. On 18th February, the firm announced it would support Hong Kong with anti-pandemic equipment worth 100 million yuan. On the 23rd, the city received 15,000 protective equipment, including masks, gloves, and sanitizers, to help frontline medical staff fight the virus and prevent cross-infection. The first batch had 6000 boxes of personal protective equipment shipped from JD. Com warehouses and factories are based in different parts of China. Liu Qiangdong promised to continue dispatching more COVID-19 relief materials to JD’s warehouse in Hong Kong to meet the medical staffs’ urgent needs. Hong Kong Community Anti-Coronavirus Link distributes items donated by JD. Com to different hospitals in Hong Kong.

Technology and Logistic

Com is committed to meeting the surging demand for life necessities in Hong Kong. Liu Qiangdong has set up a portal on JD. Com’s App makes shopping convenient for Hong Kong residents. The portal allows Hong Kong residents to shop online and enjoy discounts and free delivery. The portal not only increases access to essential items but also reduces cross-infections. Besides, the firm has launched a free health consultation service to improve access to healthcare advice. JD health allows Hong Kong residence to meet telemedicine caregivers and receive guidance on prevention of coronavirus infection.

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