Tim Murawski´s Career Achievements

Augmedics medical research firm is a worldclass company that ensures there is high technology in the hospital setting. The practices enrolled in the hospital within the healthcare industry are groundbreaking and remote. Tim Murawski has been the chief executive of the company. After graduating, Tim began his career working in a large chemical company to gain experience. 


There he dealt with purchasing R&D operations. After some time business and healthcare expert Tim Murawski realized that the career did not suit him, and he decided to join the sales in the healthcare industry. It was in the 1990s that HIV/AIDS had affected the economy. Moreover, healthcare workers such as Tim Murawski were at risk of accidental needle sticks. Tim was awkwardly committed to enhancing safety in the medical sector. 


Healthcare expert and businessman Tim Murawski worked in Baxter Healthcare’s IV Systems Division. At this firm, he successfully ensured the institution was running smoothly. He also contributed to helping other medical technology companies grow. The business expert Tim Murawski had an experience in disruptive technology; thus, it was easy for him to work in the sector and prove that everything was possible. 


Between 2010 and 2019, healthcare expert Tim Murawski held several positions as Mazor Robotics vice president. Tim Murawski was raised as the fourth of five children. His parents motivated him to be the person he is through encouragement. They also helped him learn the importance of a strong work ethic since he was young. According to recent research, Tim Murawski has not shown any signs of going down in his career. He lives with his wife and dog. Tim likes water skiing, tennis, and working in his yard during his leisure time. 

At Mazor Robotics firm, the Mazor X RCS is an outstanding robotic platform that can move around a patient’s spine, essentially using the environment to operate in a less invasive way than before improving patient´s experience. “It delivers video, 3D spatial information, and precise position information to the surgeon. The combination of these two will significantly increase the patient’s safety, improve surgical outcomes and provide surgeons with clear surgical intent information without looking down at the patient’s belly”. Tim Murawski said.