Brandon Taubman use of Data Science to Solve Real-Life Problems

Brandon Taubman is the co-founder of Stablewood, or Stablewood Technologies focused on real estate analytics. They aim to provide “a suite of applications and services designed to help you make smart, objective decisions with your valuable financial asset, your home.” Brandon uses data science to make unique real estate decisions in his line of work. Brandon’s goal as a data scientist is to provide real actionable insights that can be used across multiple industries. He feels that he has successfully done this at Stablewood and hopes to continue helping other companies do the same. Learn more about Brandon Taubman

Brandon Taubman discussed the importance of data science and how it can optimize businesses. He believes there will be a significant shift from companies using intuition as their primary decision-making source to using data-driven approaches. In baseball recruiting, for example, players are now being evaluated based on precise statistics such as BABIP (batting average for balls put in play) and HR/FB (home runs per fly ball rate). This means that they can now focus their efforts on recruiting players who generate better metrics. This has allowed them to identify the best talent sooner rather than later, increasing their chances of success when it comes time to play.

According to Brandon Taubman, using data science in real estate investing is another excellent example of its power to impact lives. Data science allows individuals to make better investments and increase their returns on investment by identifying trends and patterns in historical market data.

Data science affects our lives daily whether we realize it or not. Most of the time, we are unaware that it is even present in our lives (such as the products on Amazon you see pop up), but it can still produce and make us take action like informing us which path to take on your Uber ride home. Brandon Taubman believes that data science will only continue to be more prevalent in our lives in the years to come.