Ombori Advances Smart Store Innovation Via Focus on Customer Experiences

Technology has advanced to a point where a talking mirror is now not a thing of the past. The talking mirror can invite shoppers to take selfies or store windows talking to one shopper via their phone. To many, this is a futuristic movie, but these interactive retail customer experiences are real. Interactive retail has changed how retail shoppers are interacting with their favorite brands.

The CEO of Ombori, Andreas Hassellof, created the talking mirror and other purchase interactive technology machines. He notes that the company is trying to improve the shopping experience. Hassellöf says the aim of the company is to create technology that makes it fun for consumers and provides store owners with benefits.

Power Grid

Ombori Grid gives power to retail rented space. It provides the mobile and display experience. The public gets to gain not only from interactive retail but also gain interactive consumer engagement. Technology also boosted the modern relationship between customers and brands.

With customer management systems, Ombori uses its technology to streamline the house processes and help boost staff efficiencies. This makes Ombori tech the center of retail changes in terms of retail technology.

The Talking Mirror

One of the technology from Ombori is the talking mirror. H&M implements it in Times Square in New York. The mirror is usually in sleeping mode till the time it notices that a shopper is in the vicinity. The moment it senses a consumer for some time, it comes to life and it asks the patron what they want.

If it’s a selfie they want, the mirror gives a countdown. After taking the selfie, it gives a magazine cover framing. This is a self-promotion method for the store and the customer can download the image on their phone using a special QR code.