Alex Pissios as Chicago Brother

Caring for the youth and teen mental and healthcare are responsibilities that Alex Pissios doesn’t take lightly. He has committed huge fortunes through the company Cinespace film studios, based in Chicago, assisting the underserved members of society. Alex Pissios is the current president of the Board of Directors and serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer, CEO.

Alex Pissios feels that there is a widening gap in access to quality healthcare, especially for teens and youth in areas around Chicago. The Cinespace Film Studios, one of the largest film producing companies outside of Hollywood, gets committed to addressing these rising issues by ensuring that these underserved communities access quality primary healthcare without many challenges. He ensures that they do not have to travel to access the services of a doctor by bringing these services closer to them.

Alex Pissios has partnered with other organizations, such as the University of Chicago, through the Comer Children’s Hospital in offering quality medical services to these communities. The partnership between Alex Pissios and the University of Chicago Comer Children hospital has been in existence for almost two decades since they signed a partnership agreement in 2003. The hospital has acquired a state-of-the-art bus through their pediatric unit that they have modified to fit the doctors on the wheel porpoise. The 38-foot long bus is equipped with modern and necessary tools to allow the doctor to offer specialized diagnosis and treatment at a go. The bus also comes with two perfectly designed exam rooms that enable the professional on the wheel to provide medical examinations to their patient.