Oskar Jakobsson Joins Ombori Team And Launches Marketplace Apps

Oskar Jakobsson, who joined Ombori Grid on May 1, 2021, was previously the head of innovation and testing at apparel store H&M. Throughout his tenure, he kept a close eye on new technology and macro-industry trends. Jakobsson convened multiple customer focus groups to assess the efficacy of H&M’s proposed strategies and programs. Oskar Jakobsson was also curious about how customers reacted to a variety of stimuli in a regular store. He gained vital insights into the construction of creative solutions for Ombori Grid by managing many “what if” scenarios in H&M’s simulated retail setting.

To begin, Oskar Jakobsson expresses his opinion that brick-and-mortar retailers have received little attention in comparison to the rapidly expanding internet retail sector. He does feel, though, that stores play an important role in the customer experience. In an ideal world, forward-thinking retailers will figure out how to merge the two buying experiences. It has built a growing menu of Solutions to engage those retail store customers and equip the future of retail by reducing friction, improving customer experience, and empowering employees.

Custom software solutions have been delivered by Ombori Grid to a number of retail clients. It ustomizes an app solution to meet the needs of each client after assessing their requirements. Clients have consistently expressed satisfaction with the performance of their applications. Furthermore, each company has demonstrated demonstrable benefits from the implementation of the solution.

Ombori Grid is already translating a variety of retail solutions into “Plug and Play” apps. In fact, these no-code solutions are the industry’s first of their sort. Each standalone app can be simply installed by engaging with an easy-to-use graphical interface by business owners who lack technical and/or coding skills. Ombori Grid now contains apps for visitor management, customer experience, and omnichannel solutions, among other things. It intends to gradually add more apps to the Marketplace, and clients are encouraged to submit their own.