Kristin Ihle Helledy: An Empowering Woman Building a Business That Will Change the World

Kristin Ihle Helledy is an inspiring woman who has had the opportunity to change her life through hard work and dedication. She graduated from Stanford University in 2013 with a degree in engineering, but she knew that there was more to life than what you learned at school. After graduation, Kristin went on to found Avant, which is a company that provides loans for small businesses while encouraging entrepreneurship.

Avant began by providing loans to start-up businesses, but now they are working with established companies who want to grow. To make this happen, Kristin Ihle Helledy has turned the company into a technology firm that uses big data analytics and machine learning in order to identify potential problems before they happen. The most important aspect of this is transparency, which is something that Kristin believes can help change the way people think about small businesses.

When asked why she got into technology, Kristin stated that it was all about making her dream happen. She wanted to create a business that would allow anyone to succeed, which is what led her to develop Avant. While getting experience in coding and design at Stanford, Kristin discovered that the skillset she had gained was perfect for entrepreneurship.

While attending Stanford, Kristin worked on various startups and also interned at Bain & Company. Unfortunately, she found it difficult to get a job in technology because most companies were looking for experts with years of experience. In 2014, she decided to turn her passion into a business and began working on Avant.

In order to make it work, Kristin Ihle Helledy used her student loans to put the company together. Despite the initial financial burden, she knew that this was a risk that would allow her to follow her dream. In fact, she is so confident in Avant’s success that she has invested $1 million of her own money into the business. Read more HERE: