Vik Bansal on The Future of Sustainable Steel

Steel is one of the essential building blocks in modern society. Vik Bansal, a steel industry executive and founder of Vik Steel USA, has been combining sustainability with steel manufacturing for decades. In a recent article from Yahoo! Finance, Vik Bansal InfraBuild discusses the future of sustainable steel. Bansal believes that the global steel industry is on the cusp of a significant transformation. He points to several factors driving this change, including population growth, the rise of cities, and the increasing demand for metals in developing countries. Bansal says that the steel industry must embrace new technologies and practices to meet these challenges.

One key area where Vik Steel is leading the charge is sustainability. The company has developed several innovative processes that reduce energy consumption and emissions while producing high-quality steel products. Vik Steel also participates in sustainable forestry initiatives and invests in renewable energy projects.

Vik first joined the steel industry in 1996 as an engineer for Tata Steel. Vik has been highly successful over his career, being recognized by “Forbes” magazine as one of Asia’s Best Under A Billion companies. Vik then moved on from Tata Steel and founded Vik Steel USA in 2011 after a decade with Arcelor Mittal, where he served as executive vice president & COO of its North American operations.

The global steel industry is on the cusp of a significant transformation, and Vik Bansal leads the charge. His company Vik Steel USA is at the forefront of sustainable steel production, using new technologies and practices to reduce energy consumption and emissions while still delivering high-quality products.

As an entrepreneur, Vik Bansal has learned a lot about what it takes to succeed. Vik is a General Partner at Social Capital and a board member at Expedia Inc. Previously, he was the CEO of AppDynamics, which Cisco acquired for $3.7 billion in 2017. Vik has also co-founded three companies: Metamarkets, which AppDynamics received in 2014; Chrometa, a time-tracking company that he sold to a private equity firm after building a great business and team there; and DynaTrace Software Inc., which Vik led from inception through its acquisition by SolarWinds for $50 million.

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