Fortress Investment Group Reveals Its Partnership with Vannin Capital

Fortress Investment Group is a multifaceted company that manages properties worth billions across the world. Established in 1998, the firm focuses on private investors and organizations’ customers in several services such as equity portfolio and real estate and offers solutions on start-up investment plans. The company’s primary goal is to have an outstanding investment record subjected to minimal and adjustable risks to the customers. Putting customers as the priority other than profits, the company has maintained good business relations.

Fortress Investment Group has grown steadily with thousands of staff, including the employees and investment professionals who offer capital investment solutions and have branches worldwide. With its headquarters located in New York, the firm has thousands of properties under its management. The company is one of the trusted investment firms it has attracted investors in every corner of the world, with the current partnership with Vannin Capital.

Through Business Wire, Fortress Investment Group unveiled its partnership with Vannin Capital. The head of direct of Fortress outlined that the two had an agreement in consolidation for business advancement and to come with solutions to better performances. From the news release from Business Wire, New York popular media company indicated that Vannin Capital agreed that Fortress Investment Group would manage the company’s assets including restructuring of the company’s organization.

In addition, Vannin employees were to be shifted to a reputable investment firm. The heads indicated that the drastic change could not negatively affect the company but rather have positive impacts. The partnership’s goal was to strengthen their leadership roles, widening the company to cater to many clients across the globe. With combined effort from the employees from the two firms, efficient and a reliable service that have been in existence for years would continue and improve to profit-making investments. Go Here for related Information.