Everything Edgard Corona touches Grows Bigger and Bigger

Corona’s Bio Ritmo Empire

In 1996, businessman Edgard Corona has created a gym empire. Bio Ritmo, which comprises Bit Ritmo and SmartFit brands, grew to 480 gyms by 2017. These included owned and franchised stores.

With this being said Edgard Corona, 61, has no intentions of slowing down. “We have a long way to go, but we have a lot of energy to consolidate a new phase of growth,” says Corona.

IPO in the Works

Edgar Corona is carrying the momentum of his success to the moon. With the boom of his business, Corona hasn’t ruled out an IPO, even. With locations in São Paulo, Brazil ( Brazil is the second-largest market of gyms behind the United States) and plans to enter the markets of Argentina, and Paraguay, Edgard Corona plans to expand on his empire still, not to mention the 10 SmartFit stores in Santiago. Refer to this article to learn more

Next Pump; Next Rep

The next wave includes plans to roll out “mini gyms”. This would consist of one gym with different sections for short high-intensity workouts or HIIT workouts. HIIT workouts and, generally, workouts that consistently have a change of pace produce faster results. This form has gained popularity in the last five years.

If history is any indicator there will be much success to come in both the current markets and the markets that are ripped for competition. The growth of the brands will be pushed by the momentum of past performances and the blue ocean looks like the path in front.