Eterneva Dedicated in Introducing Technology in the Grief Industry

Eterneva is a cremation-diamond company founded by Adelle Archer and Garrett Ozar. Adele Archer recently appeared on Shark Tank, and after presenting her business plan to the team, Mark Cuban invested thousands of dollars into Adelle’s company and, in turn, received a 9% stake in the company. Adelle, the CEO of Eterneva, wore a black diamond ring made from the ashes of her mentor and also wore a yellow diamond ring made from the ashes of her grandmother during the Shark Tank presentation. The company is dedicated to introducing the use of top-notch technology in the grief sector. It has already made numerous partnerships with funeral homes across the country.

Adelle notes that the company made a key partnership with FedEx with the aim of safe delivery of a welcome kit, where clients place the ashes, hair, or fur for the transformation process. The transformation process can last for about seven months. However, the team at Eterneva send the transformation process in the form of photos and videos to the families.

Mark Cuban notes that he supports the vision of Archer and her company. The grief industry requires a modern transformation, and that is just what Adelle and her team are focused on. The company has a team of dedicated staff that has served hundreds of clients since its inception. Adelle Archer notes that the company is now focused on seed funding which will be used for the expansion of the company’s facilities. Adelle also highlights that the company’s processes have been well vetted and approved by multiple organizations such as B&B Laboratories.

Adelle notes that the pandemic has really affected many people, and it has become crucial to partner with funeral homes that can then spread the word about turning a loved one’s ashes into a diamond. The company announced a Series A funding of millions of dollars led by notable organizations such as Tiger Management.

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