Robert Kraft’s Life History

Robert Kraft is an American businessman born on 5th June 1941 in Brookline based in Massachusetts. Robert Kraft is also an industrialist and a renowned sportsperson. He founded Kraft Group in 1998, a holding venture for other companies. He is the owner of New England Patriots. During his tenure, the team featured among the most triumphant NFL franchises.

Robert Kraft’s dad had a small clothing business. Robert graduated in 1963 with a bachelor’s degree from Columbia University. He also got an MBA from Harvard Business College in 1965. After that, he started working at Rand-Whitney, a paper manufacturing company controlled and managed by Jacob Hiatt, his dad-in-law.

In 1968, Robert purchased half of the company shares, and four years later, Robert Kraft took the overall control. In 1972, Robert Kraft created the International Forest Products to do pulp, paper, and wood products business. In 1998, Robert founded the Kraft Group that held other errands more so in the sports industry.

Boston Lobsters became Robert’s first venture associated with sports. This team was featured in the WTT league of Billie Jean King. In 1975, Robert bought the team alongside other partners, but it, unfortunately, collapsed in 1978 once the WTT was disbanded.

Ten years later, Robert Kraft leased a large piece of land found in the suburbs of Foxborough in Massachusetts. The land neighbored Sullivan Stadium belonging to the New England Patriots. He decided to purchase the land three years later in collaboration with a partner.

Later, Kraft purchased Lobsters in the wake of 1994 by cashing out a thumping 172 million dollars, the highest figure for any NFL team that time. James Busch Orthwein, the former owner had acquired the team in 1992 intending to relocate to Saint Louis. However, he was thwarted once Robert refused to enable him to acquire the team from the stadium lease. Follow this page on Twitter, for related information.


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