John Ritenour: A Career Journey Paved by Putting Customers First

John Ritenour is a man with many accomplishments. John has been an innovator, leader, and pioneer in the insurance industry for over four decades. John’s success can be attributed to his dedication to putting customers first. John started his career in the insurance industry as a salesperson in the country’s leading players, and by giving his best, John Ritenour quickly became the best producer. John then started his own insurance company with his wife and has successfully built it into one of the most respected companies around, with offices throughout America and beyond.

It was 1988 when John started IOA, then known as Insurance Office of Florida, where he has been serving his loyal clients for over 30 years. The company allows its workers to balance their personal life and job as well as treat them with respect while focusing on its top priority: Building strong customer relationships. John Ritenour has always kept a focus on empowering his producers with the tools necessary to succeed.

His mission has always been clear: provide quality insurance products backed by great customer service at an affordable price. He has always believed that the key to success in business is to take care of customers while also caring for employees who are dedicated to serving these same customers. John Ritenour attributes his company’s success to hard work, excellent marketing strategies, adoption of modern technology like AI and machine learning, work-life balance, and community development involvement.

To his belt, for the three-plus decades he worked in the insurance industry, John Ritenour received multiple honors including industry awards, recognitions, and certifications. Among his most valued awards include the Eloise Trainor Award from LPGA, the industry’s most prestigious award for exceptional service. Business Success also awarded him with the Success Award due to his outstanding performance in the business arena.

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