Richard DeVaul: Creating Success With Diversity

Richard DeVaul is the director of “Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects Group”. He recounts his experience with diversity, saying, “I want people to feel that this is an environment where they can bring their whole self to work.” His goal is to let employees know that the company respects them and allows them to utilize their talents in their work.

DeVaul’s philosophy empowers people and encompasses a diversity of thought, which he believes are essential components for success. Through an interview with Bloomberg TV, DeVaul presents how different people outside this framework are often discouraged from succeeding due to failure or lack of opportunity. These people would not have been encouraged if it weren’t for diverse leadership at Google. Diversity helps create “a culture where you can fail which will lead to innovation and new ideas. It’s very important to us that everyone feels they can bring their whole self to work.”

Richard DeVaul uses satire to get people to talk about the importance of diversity. At an all-hands meeting, he brought along a diverse group of Googlers to ask questions to make fun of the idea that there was only one kind of Googler.

While strategically placing different Googlers next to him on the stage, Richard DeVaul asked them questions like “How do you find your Google data on Google?” and “Why is my Gmail not working right now?” After he made his point that there was no need for a homogenous group of employees at Google, people felt more comfortable with his leadership, knowing that it was okay to be different. He definitely got his point across after the people in the audience started laughing.

DeVaul believes that diversity creates opportunity and encourages more people to work at Google than would have existed otherwise. People are also given a chance to challenge themselves if they came from a disadvantaged background. He isn’t interested in hiring someone who believes they couldn’t contribute to Google but rather wants everyone to join him in the quest for new ideas and innovation. Refer to this article for more information.


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