Loretta Kryshak, Modern Rebel Family #MaskUp

Rebel Reform is the perfect name for this family-owned disinfecting wipe manufacturer from Wisconsin. When the going gets tough, we find out who the real Rebels are. The Kryshak family is an example we all should follow during these challenging times.

As the pandemic news began in early 2020, they were among the first to step up for #MaskUp. They retooled their wipes business to mass-produce mask kits, distributed the kits to many individuals and groups for assembly, and collaborated with many companies and other community members to get them out of the neediest neighborhoods. There were even incentives for the number of masks completed. One high-school student was awarded a college scholarship. To date, Rebel Converting, along with the help of many, has distributed millions of masks.

This Rebel family will continue to make a difference in their community. As 2021 unfolds, their fight against COVID will continue. These “Rebels with a Cause” are making a real difference in reaching out to uplift the much less fortunate in and around their community. From social justice to individual families, this family is committed to making life better. 

To see what Loretta is up to, you can view here photos here:https://www.lensculture.com/loretta-kryshak