Laura McQuade Achievements

Laura McQuade currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and the President of the Planned Parenthood of New York City. Through Laura McQuade, the organization has remained leading out of his steadfast and advocacy for better health care. During this period, the organization has been under threat out of ban of abortions in most states, and they even refused care rules and even Title X funding. All the bans come from the federal government.

Once he took over, Laura McQuade ensured a successful merger from five affiliates in the Empire State. The union gave rise to Planned Parenthood of Greater New York. Once conceived, it was expected to operate with a budget of 110 million dollars during the first year. Laura McQuade had a big dream for the organization that she ensured they had 28 health centers and ensured 900 employees ran the facilities. They went ahead and expected more than 200,000 patients to be visiting every year.

Laura McQuade ensured that she could not sleep until she provided all that brought into reality. She had good negotiating power that made her meet the commercial payers and even convince large health systems to partner with them. Laura McQuade dreams never died since she even had more expectations of having reproductive and sexual health care at the state.

Laura McQuade, after her appointment she increased the clinic working hours to 9:00 pm. By doing she increased the efficiency and increased high numbers of patients visiting the hospital.

Laura McQuade increased the bargaining power with insurance companies. Planned Parenthood New York City merged with Mohawk Hudson, Nassau County, Southern Finger Lakes Chapter, and Mid-Hudson Valley.

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