Former SEC And Online Trading Academy Chief Economist Says Education In Order To Make In Online Trade

Dr. Jeffrey Harris is an ordinary man with extraordinary mind and vision. His advice on matters online trade has survived many decades with those implementing what he holds dearly reaping huge benefits. This time, he has come with another piece of advice, which if followed, can help those using it get whatever they want to have in their lives. Speaking recently in a virtual meeting, former SEC Chief Economist said education plays a huge role in all sectors of life and online trade is not exempted.

Similar sentiments that echoed the importance of education when running any sort of business were heard everywhere during this year’s hearings when the United States’ House Committee on Finance Services held a meeting. Present members agreed in one accord that without proper education, it’ll be difficult for anyone to claim they can make it in any form of business and online trade requires a relatively higher level of education. The former Online Trading Academy Chief Economist who was present during the meeting argued that while education is a broader term, other things can be done to impart the right knowledge to those that what to do online trade. Mr. Harris mentioned things like training, workshops, as well as learning, all of which refer to education.

However, what all members agreed was, ‘not all forms of education are equal’. That means, one needs to get the right education for them to succeed in whatever business they want to do. Because of that fact, the Online Trading Academy decided to hire a financial expert in order to take up the role of advising members of the academy on the various parts of financial management they need to adopt. Before joining Goldman Sachs, Mr. Harris was U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Division of Economic and Risk Analysis Divisional Director as well as the Chief Economist.

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