Cloud Inventory And Modern Business Practice

Cloud Inventory is a digital management tool for optimizing and increasing a company’s revenue generation. It is an essential piece of software that aims to help control and track the various assets involved with manufacturing and distribution operations in multiple industries.

With the dynamic nature of technology gradually shifting the old way of doing business, cloud-based solutions like Cloud Inventory allow a smooth transition without disrupting regular activities.

DSI, the creator of Cloud Inventory, recently released an updated version of the software to make things easier for their clientele to address the current needs for inventory control. The new release offers easy installation of the software with already existing systems and a monitor dashboard that gives live updates about active operations.

Apart from Cloud Inventory, DSI Global also caters to supply chains outdoors using their Field Inventory solution. This software allows field technicians to get and give accurate information about inventory in non-traditional environments. It is designed to function as a mobile-compatible software that can operate online and offline when technicians work in challenging locations.

Another addition to the Cloud Inventory suite is the new collaboration with Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to integrate field inventory data using the Field Inventory Management. Field Inventory can run on mobile devices is crucial for this collaboration since most Salesforce users provide field services to their clients.

Since CRM plays a significant role in field-centric companies, using a tool like Field Inventory Management to gain visibility of field operation can improve compliance with customer needs in a timely fashion. Data entered in the field by technicians is received at the warehouse in real-time, while inventory on transit is monitored simultaneously. The future of every industry is shifting to cloud-based operations, and DSI has created the Cloud and Field Inventory solutions to provide companies with a flexible tool to adapt to these changes. Go to this page for related information.


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