Author Solutions; Self-Publishing Guru

Author Solutions is one of the best providers of self-publishing services with its platform that supports authors worldwide. Previous to its establishment in 1997, no company offering self-publishing services and author solutions came to fill in a gap that existed in the market. The platform has close to 250,000 registered authors in their online platform, and the databases continue to grow each day.

They have already assisted various authors in publishing close to 300,000 heads of titles on multiple topics. Author solution gets ranked on the leadership board for the efforts and the services they provide to the emerging authors. The ranking is relatively high, mainly because they support authors in their early days as self-publishers, and the support and impact they have on their lives are pretty powerful.

Author solutions get credited for the efforts it puts across in assisting authors in getting their publications published. Author Solutions provide valuable resources to thousands of authors in their databases without discrimination, like other publishers who classify authors in various categories.

They use the AuthorCentric process to assist authors in launching their own writing career. The publisher has a variety of partnerships with industry leaders, retailers, and distributors, including Simon & Schuster, Harper Collins Christian, Ingram, and Indigo Chapters.

Consequently, authors subscribed to Author solutions platforms benefits from contacts and networks of self-published authors in the industry who have succeeded in their work. The platform also offers valuable insights that get well-tailored towards particular trends in the publishing industry. These insights are pretty helpful to authors, especially in assisting them to achieve their full potential.

Apart from providing valuable resources to authors, author solutions take much pride in assisting their clients to launch their careers successfully in the industry. They help them book various TV appearances and coach them on presenting their books to the audience. Author solutions also provide their clients with an opportunity to have their books on every book store shelf in the entire country. Some authors have their stories end up getting transformed into Hollywood films through the efforts of Author solutions. Like this page on Facebook, for related information.


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