PosiGen makes Homes Affordable and Energy-Efficient

PosiGen is a company based in New Orleans, Louisiana. They provide solar power equipment for residential homes. The founders launched the company in response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. They provided solar energy for those who needed to rebuild their homes after the hurricane so that homeowners saved energy costs and their homes were energy-efficient. PosiGen is a company led by Thomas Neyhart and committed to making energy consumption affordable for low-income groups and people of color. They not only install solar power equipment but offer free maintenance and monitoring. The equipment is leased to homeowners. 


They do not install one-directional kilowatt meters because these meters only measure the consumption of electricity. The PosiGen company installs net meters that measure the amount of energy the solar panel produces. If the homeowner does not use the entire energy produced by the solar panel, the unused energy is sent to a grid and the amount is adjusted with the next bill. According to Thomas Neyhart, the solar equipment not only reduces monthly electricity costs but allows the homeowner to get power at a lower cost if excess electricity is sent to the grid. 

PosiGen offers homes a wide range of energy-efficient upgrades. 


The expert team assesses the building before installing solar equipment and identifies areas that cause energy loss. They test doors and windows, attics and combustion appliance locations. The company provides services to improve the energy efficiency of a building. These upgrades include air sealing and weather stripping, sealing of attic entrances and, the sealing of ducts and duct repair if required (Techbullion). 

The company also replaces air filters, installs programmable thermostats and places insulation jackets on water heaters. After the assessment, the team makes a list of upgrades that will help improve the energy efficiency of the home, the air the residents breathe and, reduce moisture and mold problems. The expert and experienced team at PosiGen not only installs solar power equipment in houses but performs a feasibility test before installing equipment. Thomas Neyhart has pointed out that if solar power will work for the home, they install equipment that comes with Equipment Performance Guarantees and Energy Savings guarantees. The company keeps to its commitment by making energy consumption bills inexpensive and homes energy efficient.