Tim Ioannides Determination To Improve Service Delivery In Medical Dermatology

When opening any business, the primary goal is to make profits. However, Dr Tim Ioannides’s inspiration to run a dermatology clinic is driven by his desire to impact his community and the world. Having practiced medicine for over 20 years, Tim sees his profits as an appreciation for purposing his purpose in life. Tim defies all odds to ensure his patients have a gratifying experience.

An article entitled “Dr. Tim Ioannides On Mohs Surgery, Technology, and Breakthroughs in Dermatology”, discusses how renowned Dr Tim Ioannides played an instrumental role in developing, researching, and implementing many cutting-edge practices in the forward-moving world of Medical Dermatology.

Tim Ioannides MD started his career as a plastic surgeon. While still gaining experience in the industry, Tim sold cosmetic products and procedures such as collagen and Botox injections. Because the procedures are considered elective, the practice didn’t have to go through an insurance company and hence he made huge profits. However, the practice made Ioannides feel more of a salesman than a doctor, something he didn’t like.

He felt that he should focus on the mission of a trained dermatologist, which is to improve the health and vitality of a patient’s skin. Dr. Tim relocated to St Lucie County to actualize his dream, where he started his dermatology clinic and named it Treasure Coast Dermatology.

In his new venture, Dr Tim Ioannides focused more on patients experience rather than making profits. He expanded his clinic to other locations within St. Lucie, Indiana river and Martin counties of the Treasure Coast.

Knowing that no patient enjoys visiting a clinic unless it is necessary, Tim listens to all patients’ suggestions to improve the experience. While most offices use fluorescent lighting since it is cost-effective, Tim installed ambient lighting to keep his patients stress at bay. After reading a story of a clinic that reduced patients’ depression after displaying artwork throughout their facility, Ioannides bought artwork and displayed it in all the rooms in his facility. All these expenses may be deemed unnecessary, but to Tim, these are invaluable ways of fostering a solid relationship with his patients. Go to this page for related information.


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