Joseph Ashford of K4 Global

Joseph Ashford is the CEO and Founder of K4 Global, an international organization he began with his wife Kristin in 2008. The organization offers four core services: education, humanitarian aid, economic improvements and sustainable development projects through its four divisions – K4 Kids’ International Academy, K4 Communities Foundation, K4 JDC & TTS.

The business has been awarded various awards for its humanitarian work, including the Reader’s Digest 2014 “Best in America” Business Award.

Joseph Ashford has several areas of expertise: health, Jewish culture and the Bible. He was born in England to a Jewish family and converted to Christianity at age 17. In 2004 he took a sabbatical from his job as a public relations executive at Pitney Bowes, where he became known for his efforts to improve employee well-being. His knowledge of Judaism has led him to co-author a book on life-changing biblical insights.

He is featured in two other books, one on the Bible and one on the Jews. Bournemouth University, where he earned his Master’s in Hebrew Bible, has featured Joseph Ashford in several of its publications.

Interviews with Ashford have appeared in Business Week, the New York Post, The Times of Israel and more than a dozen online publications. He is an advocate for international aid and is an advocate for Jewish culture.

Joseph Ashford began his career in 2000 as a public relations executive at Pitney Bowes, where he spent over six years. In June 2007, he left Pitney Bowes to become a freelance consultant for charities and non-profit groups, where he was responsible for designing campaigns, organizing events and writing press releases.

In 2008 he started K4 Global alongside his wife Kristin to improve the lives of children worldwide. Bournemouth University, where he holds a master’s degree in Hebrew Bible, has featured Ashford in several of their publications.

Ron Gutman: A Man on a Mission

Basic Information


Intrivo’s co-CEO Ron Gutman wears many hats. He’s an author, teacher, inventor, and entrepreneur. The tech enthusiast has invested in healthcare technology which has revolutionized the healthcare industry. Ron Gutman teaches on positivity and believes that people ought to laugh more to live happier lives. He also prefers to work with companies that are not only profit-driven but also desire to help people.


Leadership Philosophy


Ron Gutman believes that leaders need to embrace the perpetual, pervasive, and exponential nature of change. He opines that a leader is characterized by wisdom, sagacity, and discernment. With these qualities, a leader can successfully navigate the rugged terrain of change. According to Gutman an effective leader instills confidence and trust in followers. This helps to build strong, cohesive and teachable teams. 




Ron Gutman is a staunch believer in giving back. He has been very instrumental in helping war-torn Ukraine deal with the COVID-19 crisis (Fortune). 

Through tech company Intrivo, he delivered COVID-19 testing kits and health management technology to numerous hospitals in Ukraine. Although Intrivo is an American-based company, Gutman felt moved by the situation in Ukraine and decided to help. He has also called out to other like-minded people to assist the suffering Ukrainians. Healthcare expert and serial entrepreneur Ron Gutman’s efforts will go a long way in motivating other people to join forces in helping those in need not only in Ukraine but also in other parts of the world.

 The Boss Of Chicago's Hollywood: Alex Pissios

Alexander Pissios started out in northwest Chicago, where he and his brother lived with their Greek immigrant parents and extended family, including grandparents, and aunt and uncle. Alex Pissios went on to college at Northeastern Illinois College, where he received a BA in English with hopes to become a teacher for special education. An article in Boss Magazine states his future soon changed when an opportunity arose to become president and CEO of the “Hollywood of the Midwest” at Cinespace Chicago Film Studios. For the eleven years he was president, Alex Pissios grew Cinespace to house big-name productions such as The Dark Knight, Superman V Batman, Divergent, and Transformers. As well as Chicago-based hit TV shows such as Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and Chicago P.D. At the height of his career at Cinespace, Alex Pissios sold The studio for nearly 1 billion dollars to a private equity firm in 2021 to move on to become president at an investment and management firm called Alecko Capital LLC.

Throughout his career at Cinespace, and prior, Alex Pissios became widely known in the Chicago community for his charity organizations. Working within health systems and volunteering with schools. Namely, his charity, CineCares Foundation, where the youth helped participate in the entertainment industry. He went to expand his CineCare Foundation to other surrounding communities to help as many youths as possible to get off the streets. His Linked-In page says he was awarded the Distinguished Community Leadership Award in 2019 for his many philanthropist endeavors. Read more here:


The CEO of Savignano accountants & advisors in New York, John Savignano, foresees trends in the accounting business that are likely to have an impact on the direction of the industry in the country.

READ: Top 2022 Accounting Trends with John Savignano

Working remotely and vast technologies.

The majority of office personnel interned before the Covid-19 epidemic. But as more businesses see the advantages of remote labor, such as increased flexibility and fewer overhead expenses, this workforce model is quickly becoming outmoded.

Cyber security.

Cyber-crime is on the rise as accounting businesses increase the sharing of their computer data. Additionally, identity theft in accounting can result from even a little security compromise. As a result, accounting firms must take precautions against problems with data security, such as putting in place two-factor authentication systems and training staff members in cybersecurity.

Accounting consulting services.

Accounting firms can stay competitive by offering these services in addition to typical accounting and tax preparation. Advisory accounting services include making suggestions on technology that clients can utilize to boost productivity or address issues in particular areas of their organizations, such managing software for operations or human resources. Accountants who keep up with changes in financial technology are better equipped to offer clients accurate insights and wise counsel.

Employing multi-skilled skilled individuals.

Numerous accounting businesses are seeking to hire certified public accountants (CPAs) with a variety of talents as the accounting environment changes and the demand for accountants in the future rises.

Forecasting and analyzing data.

For accountants, having a strong understanding of data science is crucial as financial data gets more complicated. Accountants may be able to understand large amounts of data and produce forecasts using advanced analytics and forecasting techniques. Consequently, accounting firms might spend money on data science education.

Adoption of Artificial Intelligence.

Accounting organizations may now stay on top of market developments by automating their operations to save time and money while enhancing data quality. John Savignano is excited in utilizing tools like robotic process automation (RPA), which use AI to carry out routine activities fast and effectively, accounting firms can automate their processes.

Since 1983, John Savignano has worked in private sector for significant global firms, where he has acquired a variety of managerial assignments that have helped him hone his leadership abilities. He has built his company on strong leadership.

           Alfons Hörmann Recap

Alfons Hörmann is Germany’s Sports Minister. He says, “The future of German sport is very bright.”

He has the following to say on the matter:

“In Germany, we have a variety of opportunities for all types of people, whether children or adults, amateurs or professionals. This diversity would be impossible in other countries because they do not have the tradition of sports. In Germany, we are in constant motion.”

He goes on to laud German athletes in several different sports and German Champions League teams such as Bayern Munich and Borussia Mönchengladbach.

Alfons Hörmann will also be very proud of his sport, mountain biking. An event such as the Macchiato d’Oro will never be possible in other countries due to a lack of diversity in the sport. The Macchiato d’Oro has been made possible by the various bikes and different terrains used by German mountain bikers.

Alfons Hörmann may be happy with what he sees, but there is much that can be done to make German sport as successful in the future as it is now.

The first step is to remove people’s reliance on television and other sports channels. Sport must be brought back into the hands of people. The environment should also be considered, and facilities should not just consist of basketball courts and soccer fields. People need places to ride their bicycles to enjoy the sport and understand how it came about.

A problem in Germany is that many people cannot afford access to equipment and facilities, so they cannot participate in sports as quickly as others with money. Therefore, politicians will have to make the sport more democratic in Germany.

History may play a role in the future of German sport as well. The Nazis made great use of the mark during their regime and even used it to win support for the Third Reich. It may be something not taught about very often, but it is a fact. Therefore, the way youth are taught about German sports may affect the future of German sports because it may decrease people’s interest in certain types of sports events and ultimately change the nature of German society.

Source: http://www.alfonshö

Miki Agrawal Teaches Entrepreneurs How to Succeed

Miki Agrawal is an entrepreneur and knows a thing or two about success. In this article, she will teach entrepreneurs how to succeed based on her experience. She has founded two companies, Thinx and Tushy, and is a published author. This article will explain to entrepreneurs the life responsibilities necessary for success. Miki’s values will be compiled for the reader, which can be done by breaking down the three parts of a business: management, finance, and marketing.


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Miki Agrawal Teaches Entrepreneurs How to Succeed

  1. Buy a House

Every entrepreneur needs to buy a house. They need to have a place where they can keep all of their stuff and a place where they can relax as well. This is an essential aspect of the business because it gives them a concrete foundation. The more successful the entrepreneur is, the more money they will invest in their company. With this significant investment, entrepreneurs will improve their chances of succeeding even further in life. In addition, the house will give them feelings of safety and stability which will help them fight off stress and worry in their day-to-day lives. Once the pressure is removed from their lives and peace is achieved, they will have more energy to devote to their business.

  1. Strong Values

Not only does this help the entrepreneur to build a solid foundation for success, but it also gives them the chance to have a personal life of their own. If there are not many values that they can draw upon when making decisions, it can be challenging for some people to find success in life. When people have strong values, this strengthens their core and helps them become even more successful in life since they are already on a solid path.

The foundation for success is already in place for entrepreneurs, and Miki Agrawal will explain how they can complete the rest of the steps. By ensuring that their life is stable and that they have strong values, individuals are ready to take on their next venture.

Sameday Health Offers Virtual Urgent Care In Some States

Most Americans today do not visit their P.C.P.s regularly enough to receive healthcare advice. Urgent Care centers offer fast, convenient healthcare services without an appointment. They are the equivalent of your neighborhood emergency room. And because they are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, patients can walk right into the office for treatment whenever necessary.

Those who need urgent healthcare services at Sameday Health can find a wide range of providers online. In addition to virtual urgent care appointments and home Health visits, Sameday Health has also partnered with mobile application companies such as Apple and Google to offer their telemedicine platforms through these applications. These apps allow patients to connect remotely via video chat sessions with physicians and nurse practitioners.

Sameday Health started as an online platform where patients could get tested for coronavirus without making unnecessary hospital trips. However, due to the ever-increasing demand for tests and the rapidly developing situation worldwide, they decided to expand into urgent care clinics. They also partnered with local pharmacies to deliver prescriptions and treatments to patients’ homes. In addition, they also offer digital detox services so patients can stay healthy during these difficult times.

To provide patients with an alternative to traditional doctor visits, provides online care through telemedicine and mobile technology. Medical services include general care, flu shots, diabetes management, women’s healthcare, mental health counseling, physical therapy, and more. With no appointment needed, patients can access these services 24/7, 365 days per year. The company offers same-day walk-in care and home delivery options to make its services convenient for everyone.

Different countries and regions around the world are implementing various policies regarding what measures should be taken to combat the spread of COVID-19. While some countries require citizens to quarantine themselves if they have recently visited any area where the virus is circulating, others are allowing people to continue traveling without being afraid of contracting the disease. With so much uncertainty surrounding the situation, it’s vital for healthcare professionals and travelers alike to stay informed about the latest information. To assist them in doing so, we’ve put together a list of resources that anyone may find helpful.

 Alex Pissios Journey of Film Production

The life of Alex Pissios resembles a Horatio Alger myth mashup of Frank Capra and Robert Altman. The myth should be tossed in My Big Fat Greek Wedding and added a touch-up of Quentin Tarantino. Alex Pissios’s story started as a young who embraced strong values of hard work, family, and faith. Alex’s career started when he opened his first restaurant in Chicago. The starting point was not a walk in the park. However, he branched out as the days went by to achieve high levels of success. Alex Pissios is now a man of many talents. He is an entrepreneur, a film director, and an actor.

The entrepreneurship life of Alex can be seen when he rode the Cinnespace Juggernaut. Cinespace was owned by Nick Mirkopoulos, a great maternal uncle to Alex. The Cinespace, an industrial district in Chicago, had been where a lot of films were shot. The district’s name came from NASA’s old space to manufacture rockets. At that time, the company was experiencing financial difficulties and heartaches. Alex Pissios took advantage of this situation to purchase Cinespace. He established systems within it, ensured it regained efficiency, and achieved new targets.

The company currently hits high targets in terms of employment opportunities and production. It has been able to create more than 20,000 jobs. Previously the company did a production of one or two films a year, but now it can produce more than 100 films annually. The company also has its production studio.

As Alex works to achieve multiple success levels, he also wants to better the world. He has worked with UNICEF to improve the lives of children in Africa. Alex also established the CineCares foundation partnering with Dick Wolf Films and NBC to assist children with cancer. The team established the foundation to provide support for underprivileged children. View Source on

          John Savignano Recap

John Savignano is the founder of Savignano Communication, a Chicago-based company that has been in business for over ten years. Call Savignano today to learn how they can help you develop your voice and build your brand.

In the near ten years since its founding, Savignano Communication has grown into one of the most successful strategic communications firms in the U.S., providing expert counsel to companies across 12 industry sectors—including consumer products, healthcare and biotech, finance and insurance, retailing, technology and mobile media—as well as government agencies such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

John is known for his work with Microsoft’s Xbox One launch press conference at E3 2013.

Savignano’s industry-leading positions include:

John is regularly a featured expert on television, including CNBC, CNN, Fox Business, “The Wendy Williams Show,” and MSNBC. He has made appearances on every major broadcast network except ESPN and PBS. His clients have included top Fortune 500 companies and emerging brands such as Fab Fit Fun and Speedo.

John Savignano graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Economics and Marketing Communications. Additional courses taught by Savignano include Public Speaking, Strategic Messaging, Mass Media Ethics, and Professional Writing.

Partners in Public Relations

Savignano has partnered with a host of leading firms.

Key clients have included:

With his newly launched digital media consulting firm, Super Genius Media, Savignano can provide clients with a mix of public relations and marketing services that reach a mass audience and provide more efficient communication strategies.

Savignano Communication’s digital media training is perfect for the small business that wants to “get smart” about social media. In this one-of-a-kind seminar, Savignano will give you the most comprehensive rundown on Facebook’s latest features and how to get the most for your advertising dollar. You will learn the ins and outs of working with Facebook’s advertising platform, as well as how to create a killer Facebook Ad campaign.

Savignano Communication’s expertise in corporate communication allows the firm to provide a comprehensive suite of services designed to help companies improve their image and reputation management. The Savignano team will help you communicate your corporate mission and values, establish credibility, foster positive employee relations, and comply with public relations best practices. Read more by visiting at



NumberUSA is dedicated to reducing the number of immigrants coming into the United States. They lobby lawmakers on behalf of their constituents and work tirelessly to get pro-immigration reform measures passed in Congress. Through its educational and advocacy work, the organization helps everyday Americans understand the consequences of unlimited legal and illegal immigration and works to reduce the number of new immigrants arriving in the United States.

Why NumbersUSA is fighting for immigration reduction

It is a grassroots immigration reduction organization fighting for sensible, commonsense immigration reform. We believe that reducing the number of immigrants coming to America should be the top priority of policymakers in Washington. The organization website has a wealth of information on immigration reduction, including facts about the current immigrant population in the United States, how many immigrants come here legally and illegally, and why we believe that reducing overall numbers is the best way to improve our country’s long-term prospects.

Through its civil forums: NumbersUSA Action and NumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation, it enlightens the public, leaders, and policymakers on dangers posed by high immigration numbers on environmental, economic, and American Quality of Life.

What NumbersUSA does?

NumberUSA believe that if they can help persuade Congress to reduce immigration levels, it will benefit America in numerous ways:

It will help preserve traditional American culture and values;

It will keep American wages low by importing low-cost labor;

It will increase the number of people on government assistance, which strains the economy and amounts to a massive tax increase;

And last but not least, it will cause the number of people in America who are not citizens to grow rapidly.


NumbersUSA is one of the most effective grassroots organizations working to reduce immigration levels in the United States. They are a nonpartisan group, and their goal is to educate Americans about the negative effects of high levels of immigration on our economy, social fabric, national security, and public health. With over two decades of experience fighting for commonsense immigration reform, the organization has been a driving force behind many important victories – like passing tough enforcement measures at the border and reducing legal immigration. If you want more information, click here.


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